Frida Kahlo is known and loved for how she went against mainstream beauty standards and embraced herself inside and out

From her prosthetic leg to her unibrow, she was proud of what society called her "imperfections." This is why people still feel close to the icon today — she was unapologetic, brave, and so relatable.

And new information about Kahlo's beauty routine — and the way she used it — is about to further prove Frida Kahlo is literally all of us.

Kahlo loved beauty and before Instagram brows became the trend — she was filling in her famous unibrow!  

According to The Guardian, Frida Kahlo kept the unibrow on fleek and instead of plucking it completely away or covering it, she used an eyebrow pencil to emphasize it — mainstream beauty standards for separated brows be damned!

Her brow pencil of choice was by the brand Revlon in the ebony shade. A comparable pencil from Revlon's 2018 line-up is the ColorStay pencil ($8.99, Ulta).

photo: Ulta

Kahlo didn't just love Revlon's brow pencil.  Her favorite lipstick was the Everything's Rose shade by Revlon.

Now that we know just how committed Frida Kahlo really was to showing off her unibrow, it *really* makes the monobrow-less Frida Kahlo Barbie even stranger.

photo: Giphy

Let the record show: Frida Kahlo loved her unibrow, she loved using beauty products to enhance it, and she balled on a beauty budget with drugstore makeup just like the rest of us! 

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