Friends Eyeshadow Palette
photo: Hot Topic

The hit show Friends has undoubtedly played a major role in pop culture. The dynamic cast that warmed the hearts of television lovers for 10 years remains a mega hit, is syndicated everywhere, and is a major part of streaming services like Netflix. More than 25 years since it first aired, fans are still losing it, with that iconic couch being a fixture of pop-ups everywhere, and the original six cast members reuniting for selfies. 

And now Hot Topic is joining in the celebration with an eye shadow palette that will leave you speechless. 

The hit sitcom Friends is celebrating 25 years. 

That's right. And none of us can really believe that it's been almost three decades since we were first graced with the hit show Friends. Filled with laughs, romance, and even tears, for over 10 years our televisions were consumed by what many consider "the best TV show ever."

Well, Hot Topic is also celebrating too but with an eye shadow palette. 

"How you doin'? From your favorite TV show, Friends, add this eye shadow palette to your makeup collection to be doin' even better. This rectangular palette opens to 12 shimmery and matte shadows with a mirror. Create colorful looks with shades such as "We were on a break" or "You've been bamboozled," Hot Topic says about the palette. 

And the shade names are getting quite a bit of attention. 

Chick, Pivot, Regina Phalange, We're On a Break, You're My Lobster, Coffee, Unagi, You've Been Bamboozled, How You Doin?, Miss Chandelier Bong, Duck, and It's A Moo point... all phrases and items that have played a major role in the success of the show. 

Looks like all the merch is coming in fast! 

Like this perfect $25 coffee table book from Amazon. "A fully illustrated and authorized episode guide celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the hit-television show Friends, including a look behind-the-scenes of cult-favorite episodes, exclusive photos from Warner Bros., brand new interviews with show creators Marta Kauffman, David Crane, and set designer John Shaffner, and more," the publishers say about the book. 

We're so excited!

photo: Giphy

We thought we had seen it all, but this eye shadow palette is next-level. So makeup and Friends fans, now is our time to shine!