Gabrielle Union Blonde Hair
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The perfect way to end Friday is with yet another celebrity hair transformation. This one comes from none other than the ever-spectacular Gabrielle Union, who's rocking a bleach blond look with some blunt fringe. The style, which has social media in a frenzy, is all you need to get through the busy weekend.

So if you've been looking to go blond but just couldn't find the right inspo, we might have something for you right here. Check it out. 

Gabrielle Union is clearly ending her week with a serious bang. 

The actress and America's Got Talent judge just tried something completely unexpected. The stunner, who usually keeps to her darker-hued hair, revealed a bleach blond bob on Instagram. Dyed masterfully for a "grown-out roots" appearance, the star finally answered the burning question of whether blonds have more fun, and it's not what we expected. "Turns out I'm not having any more fun than usual," she captioned her photo.

The look, which we guess was likely sculpted by longtime hairstylist Larry Sims, is one for the books. 

photo: Instagram/GabUnion

While she didn't tag the stylist, judging by who is responsible for almost all of her other styles, we're going to dare to say that this is yet another Sims original. Don't worry, folks. Wig experts know that Union didn't touch any of her real hair to go this light. Nope, this is a seamless wig crafted by an even more seamless stylist. 

But that's not the only major hair moment she's had in the past week. 

Gabrielle Union blunt bob
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She hit the AGT carpet last week with a textured blunt bob that had the streets talking in admiration. The style, which was of course created by Sims, was giving us regal realness and was paired with a stunning sparkled gown. 

Then there was that bantu knot mohawk on September 3. 

Gabrielle Union hair
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Swoon level was on 1,000 with this look here. The style, which was sectioned into intertwined knots, is a serious source of fall inspo that we can't wait to re-create. 

So come on, Gabby, we're ready for what's next. 

photo: Giphy

What is she about to throw at us next? We'd love to see her in some long honey blond locks, or maybe another super-short wig moment.