Making glamorous red carpet appearances, booking major brand deals, and creating questionable videos are all things we regularly expect of YouTube personality Gigi Gorgeous.

Having a baby is certainly, nor has it ever been, on that list — but it looks like she did it anyway.

Gigi Gorgeous posted this photo of her holding a newborn baby over the weekend with the caption, "Thank you so much to our beautiful surrogate."

Girlfriend Nats Getty uploaded her own image captioned, "Our little angel."

So yes — it appears the couple genuinely had a baby via surrogate. This comes a shock, considering neither has even remotely hinted at the mere desire to have a child.

So much of a shock, in fact, that the internet thinks this is all an elaborate ruse.

Twitter users are doing full-blown research to figure out if Gigi and Nats could be joking.

Because seriously, how is it possible for two famous people to decide to make an entirely new human and just not bring it up to anyone?

And given Gigi's YouTube content as of late, a lot of people are worried this might just be a fun experiment for a video.

Regardless of whether or not this news is real, Gigi still has a slew of loving fans in her corner to wish her the best.

But even THEY can't be too sure.

photo: Giphy

*busts out binoculars*