If you've spent a lot of time in hair salons — or on Pinterest — then you've undoubtedly heard of the term balayage. It's a method of painting highlights into the hair for what you've probably been calling "ombre" hair.

Yeah, it's stunning. But it COULD be better. Someone else apparently thought so, too.

Some diabolical genius has invented "glitterage," AKA glitter balayage highlights.

It looks quite simple — it appears some stylists add a special glitter paste to clients' hair dyes and lighteners.

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But others just paint glitter directly onto styled hair.

The result? Beautiful, beautiful chaos.

But if you want these puppies, I have some bad news — well, two pieces of bad news.

First, this glitter WILL come out with shampoo and a few brush strokes. Hair science has yet to find a way to make hair glitter permanent.

*crying until the end of time*

Second, there are only TWO hair stylists in the country playing around with "glitterage." At least, according to what you can find on Instagram.

One's in Denver, the other is in Las Vegas.

The good news? Your local colorist can definitely pull this off — there's no harm in calling to ask if they have some glitter paste lying around.

Or you can just wait for the rest of the world to catch on — because surely, it will.

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Douse my entire head, and life, in glitter, please.