dimension by dermaflage

If this was what flu shots looked like, I'd RUN to the doctor.

photo: Dermaflage/Instagram

No, these are not the needles your doctor uses — they're way better.

These glitter syringes are called Dimension, and they're made by a cosmetics company called Dermaflage. They're literally the puff paint of makeup.

Not your average glitter gel, these little syringe-looking tubes contain glitter from Lit Cosmetics suspended in silicone.

And the effects people create with them are CERTIFIED INSANE.

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That tip is getting so much closer to the eye than I am comfortable with.

Once the gel sets, it's hardened into a translucent sparkly gel. TBH I'm feeling so violated and fascinated right now.

Maybe just a little creeped out.

Internal screams aside, this product is actually kind of genius?

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Once you're done with it, you can peel it right off.

Plus, when worn on the lips, it solves every lip gloss problem you've ever had.

It doesn't budge, it can't rub off on clothing, and it peels right off. That's why makeup artist Carrie Strahle says the silicone formula is ideal for quick color changes on the runway. 

AND they're actually pretty affordable.

Although they're mostly used by special-effects makeup artists, one of these syringes will only cost you $24. For comparison, you could buy MAC Cosmetics' glitter pigments for $22 a piece, plus the additional costs of mixers or glosses — and those won't stay put like this stuff does.

Ok, Dermaflage, you got me. I WANT IT.

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