Glossier Boy Brow Costume
photo: Glossier

With Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, we were lucky enough to see costumes last weekend, all this week, and still have the upcoming weekend to continue the celebration. Our favorites are the mommy-and-me selections that have come across our timelines. 

And one beauty-obsessed mother and her baby boy have taken the cake with a costume inspired by none other than beauty brand Glossier. 

This is Sophie Pavitt. 

She's a New York City aesthetician with a knack for skin care and a super-stylish Instagram feed. And even cooler, she's a new mom with an adorable baby boy. The beauty aficionado may be new to mom life, but she's already serving us some serious #goals. 

For Halloween, she and her adorable baby dressed up as two Glossier favorites. 

"IT'S A BOY! (BROW)  ...  WHO'S READY TO BUY THIS JUMBO SIZE?" the caption read on an Instagram post of her tot dressed up as the famous brow gel. Complete with the Glossier packaging, a top, and some drawn-on eyebrows, this costume has gotten some serious praise. 

And the baby's mom went as that pink plastic packaging. 

In a photo submitted to Allure, Pavitt showed off her coordinating costume, which includes that pink bubble-wrapped pouch that every Glossier product is sold in and often doubles as a beauty bag. We've seen quite a few mommy-and-me costumes this year, but this one truly takes the cake. 

This deserves a round of applause. 

photo: Giphy

Is there really anything better for a beauty-obsessed mom to dress her baby as? We're going to say no. It also helps that everything Glossier is just so stinkin' cute. 

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