photo: Courtesy of Glossier

When it comes to Glossier, the cult-favorite beauty brand has proven that just about nothing is off-limits. From this year's super-vibrant release of Glossier play, to recent merch that's designed for every resident cool girl, the beauty powerhouse is making a name for itself in just about every category. However, what Glossier has just announced is completely unexpected but so very needed: dog toys. 

That's right everyone, two of the most spectacular things in the world are joining forces, and social media has been sent into pandemonium. Check it out here. 

Glossier is about to make some dog lovers very happy. 

Glossier Dog Toys
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

As if the beauty brand couldn't get any more innovative and adorable, it just announced that it's getting into the dog toy business. And needless to say, everyone is losing it over the upcoming launch. 

The beauty brand has teamed up with online dog store Bark for arguably the greatest collaboration of all time. 

Glossier Barkshop Dog Toys
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

If you're a pup owner, nine times out of 10 you've heard of the dog toy vendor that's constantly pushing out killer and adorable themes that make the owners just as happy as the dogs who have the pleasure of enjoying them. 

"The toys are designed for 'pose and play,' where the pup has a blast playing with the toy, while dog parents are snapping Insta-worthy photos of their pup," Bark's Director of Merchandising Kate Pobuda told Cosmopolitan.

First, there's of course Boy Brow, which has been renamed Toy Brow for the collection. 

Glossier Barkshop dog toy
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

The beauty brand's cult brow product comes with two parts for your dog's chewing pleasure. It includes the base and the bristle brush in a re-creation of that same packaging. 

And then everyone's favorite, Balm Dotcom, which has been officially dubbed Balm Dogcom.

Glossier Bark collaboration,
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

And while it may not dispense that smell-good, last-all-day balm that comes in the real-life version, your dog will barely even notice the difference. 

So how did this brilliant marriage come about?

Glossier Bark dog toys
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

According to Pobuda, "Glossier's NYC flagship store is a block away from BARK's headquarters, and we've seen overlap between Glossier's customers and our obsessed customers." I guess that confirms what we already knew: There are few things in this world better than dogs and beauty products. 

And it's being well received, to say the least. 

"This might be the most transparently designed purely for instagram collab I've ever seen and … I might need it," an eager and ready buyer posted about the collaboration.

And people are willing to pay just about everything. 

"On one hand, I have promised myself that I will not make any dumb purchases this month due to budget restrictions. On the other … Glossier is now making flower crowns for dogs," someone jokingly tweeted. 

And for when it will be available, check out Toy Brow ($10) and Balm Dogcom ($8) available this Friday on Bark's website