Glossier has been treating us to makeup and skin care that's perfect for creating beautiful "no-makeup" makeup looks, but now the brand is branching out to pay tribute to high-glam party faces. 

The sister brand, called Glossier Play, is here to ... well, play! If Glossier is the beautiful, reserved sister in the duo, then consider Glossier Play the disruptive sister who believes in drama, loud music, and loads of glitter.

This new beauty brand is full of sparkles and rich pigments that will sit pretty rnext to the low-key Glossier products you already own. If you're completely new to Glossier, then the brand is making a huge case for your conversion with its toned up new sister brand.

"At our core, Glossier Inc. is about celebrating freedom of choice when it comes to how we all look, act, and feel," founder and CEO Emily Weiss wrote in an Instagram post to introduce the brand.

"Each and every one of you is your own expert, with the ability to tell a story about what beauty means to you. Today I’m thrilled to introduce @GlossierPlay, a new approach to makeup that’s inspired by sound, motion, and fun," she continued. 

Weiss also introduced the first four products from Glossier Play!

"Glossier Play’s first four products are tools for expression: Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil ($15, Glossier), Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer ($16, Glossier), Glitter Gelée Multigrade Paillettes ($16, Glossier), and Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate ($20, Glossier).

Everything is bold, bright, shiny, or sparkly!

Weiss revealed that she actually used the new Glossier Play products to create her New Year's Eve makeup in 2017!

"Over a year ago on New Year’s Eve, I used @glossierplay and ever since then I’ve barely been able to keep my mouth shut," she wrote on Instagram. 

"I am SO EXCITED to launch this brand today after years of dreaming, creation, and collaboration. This is the definition of a labor of love and passion—the sheer JOY of MAKEUP!"

She originally posted this video in 2017 with a clever caption that simply read, "New year, new makeup." 

Her posting date was super far out, considering the first official Glossier Play Instagram post didn't publish until late this February.

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Sound on for the full effect @donte.colley

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This is dancing post falls right in line with the fun theme of the Glossier Play products.

But enough talk about mysteries and teasers. Let's get into the Glossier Play swatch debut!

Glossier Play is throwing a swatch party in its Instagram Stories, and the pigments are telling it all! These swatches are of the Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer ($16, Glossier), and it's clear that Glossier wants us to go in a super warm, bold direction for spring. 

From top to bottom, the shades are Bank, Disco, Baby, Blow-Up, Pony, and Casino.

The Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil ($15, Glossier) colors are also very diverse with a mix of neon shades, deep hues, and glitter finishes for some.

From top to bottom, the eye pencil shades are Jumbo, Brack, Nectar, Stable Relationship, Hardcore Velvet, Critical Mass, Adult Swim, Disaster Class, Early Girl, Pretty Penny, Cash Salad, Sparkle Shark, and Magic Carpet. 

Depending on how well the Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate ($20, Glossier) shades blend out, they could definitely be the star of the entire Glossier Play release.

These highlighter shades from top to bottom are Pale Pearl, Platinum Rose, Deep Copper, and Molten Umber. 

Check out every single product in the Glossier Play lineup down below. 

Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil ($15, Glossier

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Glossier Play is taking it back to the old school with eye pencils that yes, you actually have to sharpen. These pencils are designed to prevent creasing, smudging, tugging, or skipping, so you can create the look you want constantly have to start over. 14 shades are available.

Blade Pencil Sharpener ($4, Glossier)

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Any smart brand that will welcome us back to the days of sharpening our own eye pencils would create an affordable pencil sharpener to go along with it! The transparent base of this sharpener captures all of the shavings so you can sharpen quickly without a mess ending up all over your counter and floor. 

Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate ($20, Glossier)

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This highlighter is formulated with a pearly powder that offers the sparkly finish. Apply it to your cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bows, and eyelids. The bottle actually has an applicator to assist you with carefully dab the product onto your skin. 

Unfortunately, Glossier doesn't have a photo of this applicator on the website yet for shoppers to check out beforehand. You'll have to buy it with high hopes or wait until Glossier does a full packaging reveal.

Glitter Gelée ($14, Glossier)

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These one-step glitter gels are perfect for pulling off a sparkly look without worrying about excessive fallout. 

Glitter Gelée + Detailer Duo ($16, Glossier)

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The Glitter Gelée is meant to give your eyelids a glitzy upgrade. You can buy each pot individually but they also come in a set with The Detailer silicone brush. 

Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer ($16, Glossier)

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These lip colors have packaging that's similar to a clickable pen, which allows you to carefully and easily apply the lacquer.

Glossier Play Starter Pack ($60, Glossier)

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This beauty set is the perfect way to try everything in the Glossier Play collection!