Like, really, who doesn't love Glossier? It's one of the few brands that can truly claim its products' quality is on par with its sleek packaging. We've spent plenty of days sifting through its website, re-upping on our favorites, and giving ourselves any excuse to try something new.

And while most of its products are universal, the same can't be said for its two (and only) complexion products, the Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. Well, finally, after a long time accommodating only five skin tones, the brand expanded the range — now it's the real deal. 

Glowing skin has always been at the forefront of Glossier's branding.

glossier skin tint shades
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

With every release, we're more and more obsessed. It's one of the few brands that keep people up all night vying to be one of the firsts to purchase whatever new exciting launch is up.

It's become the minimal makeup brand that's basically a fixture on Instagram feeds of beauty obsessives everywhere. 

glossier new skin tint shades
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

From its Cloud Paint to Boy Brow to Body Hero, these are the products that everyone dies to have in their "shelfies" and swoons over when they're tried first-hand.

However, up until now, its much adored Skin Tints and Stretch Concealers, the only complexion products the brand makes, came in only a few select shades.

glossier new skin tint shades
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Initially launching with five shades, the brand couldn't sway even the most dedicated of fans to buy the products due to the lack of inclusivity. Those that could find their shade rejoiced and bragged about the formulas, but those with deeper skin tones were left in the dark. Literally. 

But that's all about to change. 

glossier new skin tint shades
photo: Courtesy of Glossier

On Tuesday Glossier announced the launch of seven new shades for both products. The new shade ranges are divided into four different categories: Light, Medium, Deep, and Rich.

The sheer, buildable coverage of the tint will take the pain out of meticulously trying to master that naturally dewy, by-the-beach glow.

"Not a foundation, not a tinted moisturizer—this is Perfecting Skin Tint ✨ A super sheer, tone-evening wash of color to brighten you up without covering *you* up. Now in G1-G12, find your shade on," Glossier wrote on its Instagram.

And though the expansion is long overdue, we can appreciate the genuine time and thought that was put into the formulas. 

Every single shade is qualified as warm, neutral, or deep shade, so the struggle to find overlooked undertones is finally over for Glossier customers. Here are some of the brand-new shades we can expect. 


glossier g1
photo: Glossier

The deepest shade in the range. 


glossier g4
photo: Glossier

A shade for brown beauties with more red undertones.


glossier g6
photo: Glossier

For brown skin with yellow undertones. 


glossier g 11
photo: Glossier

A light shade for pink undertones. 

Of course, Glossier Brown, the popular Instagram dedicated to brown-skinned Glossier lovers, was one of the first to review the new shades ahead of the launch.

Founder @devinkielle showed off a face full of the brand. "Wearing Perfecting Skin Tint in G3, Stretch Concealer in G3, Cloud Paint in Storm, and Haloscope in Topaz," she said.

This serious step toward inclusivity hasn't gone unnoticed.

Thanks, Glossier, for actually taking the time to consider everything that goes into perfecting products for women of color. 

You can buy each product individually or in a $36 duo that will save you $8. 

glossier skin tint
photo: Glossier

Get yours now!

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