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Meyer also got real about days where she doesn't feel as confident as her followers know her to be.

"It’s almost like there’s two people. There’s one person that feels so bad about myself. Like, 'You let everybody down. You stopped being fun.' At the same time, I’ve been so broken myself," Meyer shared.

“I’ve been in a really dark place and I don’t even like getting dressed in all these cool, funky outfits like I used to. Like, I’ve been feeling so bad about myself."

Dawson clarified the issue with Meyer's channel: Her confusion over the YouTube algorithm paired with her personal struggles was the ultimate recipe for the decline of her channel. 

Caps only headlines, "As Seen on TV" labels, and Meyer's signature "surprise" face filled up the video thumbnails on her channel — all images that register as click-bait to YouTube. Thus, YouTube naturally pushed her content farther from the views of her followers and the general public.

Meanwhile, she shied away from the *real* content her fans would have gobbled up — for instance, tours of her closet, her in-home arcade, and the chic convertible she bought after a lifetime of wanting one.

After spending time with Dawson, Meyer seems ready to bless her longtime fans with the REAL her, and it looks like it's already paying off. 

In a video titled, "Why I've Been Lying About My Life," she promises to share more with her viewers.

"I need to get over it and not keep watering down my personality so much because I'm scared to share so many things with you guys," she shared.

In her following video titled "Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)," Meyer shows more of her vulnerable side. Both videos have over 3 million views — a HUGE jump from views she accrued just one week ago.

And there you have it! Grav3yardgirl is BACK like she never even left.

And this time, she's determined to be her quirky, cool, and SUCCESSFUL self, haters be damned.