Warning: This story is not for readers with weak stomachs.

Just kidding, but let's face it: sometimes the stranger the beauty product, the better. And in an era of celebs flocking to vampire facials, the use of blood seems to be king of crazy treatments. So when models with flawless skin like Hailey Baldwin talk about their skincare routine, we're all ears. Much to our surprise — or maybe not, because Hollywood has long been buzzing about this trend — it looks like Baldwin's into blood skin care as well. 

Thanks to Dr. Barbara Sturm, a skin care and blood connoisseur, for a pretty (and we mean PRETTY) penny, you, too, can be applying blood to your face each and every night. 

If there's one thing model Hailey Baldwin does well — besides spur-of-the-moment marriages — it's skin. 

photo: Instagram/Hailey Baldwin

So, of course, we're dying to delve into her skincare routine, regardless of how crazy it might be.

photo: Instagram/Hailey Baldwin

Though many A-list women have adopted the "vampire facial," or "platelet-rich plasma treatment," as it is often called, Baldwin opts for an at-home treatment that reaps the same benefits. 

Her product of choice is Dr. Barbara Sturm's MC1 Blood Moisturizer, also dubbed "blood cream." Just as it sounds, it uses your own blood to repair and renew the skin. 

photo: Well + Good

A pioneer of molecular skincare, Sturm is a longterm expert on the benefits of using your own blood in skin care. 

Just ask Kim Kardashian — Sturm is the real deal. 

Baldwin told Elle, "She takes my blood and stores it, so I’ll do it once and then go back to restock every couple of months...I’m a weirdo and love sci-fi beauty."

photo: Instagram/Hailey Baldwin

Looks like it's working to us. Not a blemish in sight. 

Don't freak out. The cream isn't bright red or anything.

photo: Giphy

In fact, it's white and really only contains plasma, which is proven to greatly reduce inflammation and boost collagen production — you know, the stuff that keeps you looking smooth and poreless.

photo: Dr. Barbara Sturm

But how much does having supermodel skin cost? 

Brace yourself.

For just $1,400, you can have skin that radiates like Baldwin's. And hell, maybe you'll even be able to bag a Bieber. 

photo: Instagram/Hailey Baldwin

Not that you actually need one.

Now, before you freak out, listen up. Even Emma Roberts and Cher SWEAR by Sturms' molecular products. 

photo: Instagram/Dr. Barbara Sturm

Sturm does, however, have dozens of effective, and more affordable skincare products that you can call your own. 

Still not convinced? Our pockets are with you. But just know you're missing out on that Future Mrs. Bieber glow.