Believe it or not, a haircut can change your entire life. This woman just proved that once and for all.

This hairdresser shared the story of a 16-year-old client with severe depression that drove her to stop brushing her hair altogether.

She came to hairdresser Kayley Olsson to have it all cut off before her high school portraits. She didn't think it would be possible to brush through it, but Olsson brought new life to her hair after taking a combined 13 hours to comb out every knot.

The post is taking over Facebook with hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

And her story brings up an important point about mental health, specifically when it comes to teenagers.

Mental health can affect every part of someone's life, and coming to terms with it isn't as simple as getting out of bed and being active. 

"PARENTS take it serious don't just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can't," Olsson wrote. "A CHILD should NEVER feel so worthless to not even want to brush their hair."

Her client's response? "I will actually smile for my schools pictures today, you made me feel like me again."

photo: Giphy

Sometimes, hair is more than just hair.

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