You've already heard of — maybe even considered — eyebrow microblading. The tattoo technique became massively popular last year with good reason: it gives you eyebrows on fleek without having to do any work.

Now women are using the method on another part of their faces — their hairlines. 

That's right, people are getting their hairlines tattooed in the name of beauty.

A cosmetologist draws on hair one strand at a time with a super thin blade, just like they do with brow microblading.

Unlike regular tattoos, the ink is not permanent and fades to a more natural finish over time.

The aftercare is just like a traditional tattoo, though. For about two weeks after the session, clients have to avoid makeup, certain skin care products, direct sunlight, and swimming. 

The results are INSANE.

Filling in the hairline can change a person's face shape entirely.

It's actually kind of genius.

And at a few hundred dollars, it's certainly much easier and not drastically more expensive than filling in your hairline every day. (A bottle of Rita Hazan's popular root touch-up spray will run you $26.)

You know what they say: beauty is pain.

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