Helen Mirren haircut
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You don't have to be ashamed — we've all been guilty of cutting corners when it comes to our beauty routines. Whether it's by not quite removing our makeup the way we should, skipping out on SPF, or deciding to cut our own hair instead of going to a professional at a salon, laziness and low budgets affect everyone. But what if we told you that Hollywood royalty felt the same? Well, it's true. 

In a recent interview, actress Helen Mirren revealed her at-home hair hack that she turns to when she's feeling lazy and doesn't want to phone her hairstylist. It's so relatable, and we can almost guarantee you've done this before, too. 

There are very few actresses cooler and more established than Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen Mirren, that is. The 73-year-old English film legend, whose brilliant works include The Queen, The Prince of Egypt, and dozens more, has made a name for herself in Hollywood as one the most sought-after and talented actresses of our time. Her wit and unapologetic nature have garnered her fans that span all ages.

Well, she just got a whole lot cooler. 

Helen Mirren hair cut.
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On July 12, she revealed her beauty routine on British daytime talk show This Morning. It was there that she revealed that she doesn't always make a formal hair appointment when she's in need of a trim. 

“I said to my brilliant hair guy here, Stefan, ‘The cut I have right now, Stefan, is something that I did with the kitchen scissors about a week ago in my kitchen. So you know, maybe you could clean it up a bit for me?’ So yes, I do cut my own hair,” Mirren said.

Needless to say, we're stanning. 

Like, who hasn't been overdue for a trim or noticed some split or dead ends and decided to take matters into their own hands? We know we sure have. Hey, as long as it's not a serious cut, there's nothing wrong with a little DIY snip, and we're loving the fact that someone as esteemed as Mirren concurs. 

The fun hair fact was praised on Twitter.

"You a force to be reckoned with. Cutting you own hair ....outstanding," someone said praising Mirren for her relatable and oh-so-old-school hair ritual. We can only imagine the technique the actress uses for a perfect trim. Does she hold the hair taut? Is she more of an effortless trim kind of girl? We have questions.

If she can do it, we have no shame doing the same.

"For everyone that saw me cut my hair before graduation like an actual lunatic!!! If Queen Helen Mirren can do it SO CAN I!!!!" someone said, reaffirming that if a Hollywood legend is using the same hair care technique, then we're not so bad off. 

This is the second time Mirren has made headlines for her hair this year. 

Helen Mirren Haircut
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In May, much to the surprise of basically everyone, the actress dyed her hair pastel pink for Cannes Film Festival. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her 'do was the work of hairstylist Stephane Lancien. The summery shade paired masterfully with her rose gold Elie Saab gown, which glittered and glistened on the Cannes red carpet. 

Keep it up, Dame.

Helen Mirren haircut
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Judging by the looks of her killer hair, the at-home haircuts are surely doing their job. Every time she's spotted out, her locks appear healthy, even, and enviously colored. A legendary actress turned beauty icon? We stan.