Fernandez has gained popularity for her not-so-typical makeup tutorials.

However, it's not because almost all of her tutorials are movie makeup transformations into characters such as Snow White, The Nun, and The Grinch. 

It's because in all of these tutorials, she's high AF. 

Like, super high. 

Her drug of choice you ask? Marijuana-infused candies, cakes, Rice Crispie treats, and brownies. 

Throughout her YouTube channel, you can catch the seriously stoned artist transforming herself in the most enjoyable tutorials to ever grace the internet. 

But seriously, watching them will have you almost as tickled as she is. 

After her Pennywise tutorial went viral and attained over a million views, people began wondering who this witty and out-of-control girl is. 

Well, the Arizona resident is actually a DJ. Her Instagram page, @djdiscobella, displays photos of her and her husband at various clubs turning the party out.  

photo: Instagram/Dj Disco Bella

Looks like she's always having a good time! 

When she's not behind the turntables, Fernandez is busy being a YouTube legend, often with the help of her husband.  

So here's how her videos work: At the beginning of every tutorial, Fernandez is seen consuming various edibles; after about 45 minutes to an hour, she returns high as a kite and ready to go. 

Sometimes, Fernandez even consumes a little too much. 

"Half of that [brownie] would have been enough," she says in hysterics in one video. 

For Halloween, Fernandez gave us high vampire realness. 

And the aftermath was something straight out of a comedy movie. 

What's most impressive is that Fernandez, who doesn't consider herself a makeup artist, does a damn good job at these stoned transformations.

She even reviewed one of our favorites, Fenty Beauty, with her eyes half shut. 

Sometimes that edible hits a little too hard. 

Makeup isn't the only thing Fernandez indulges in while high. 

Check out this hilarious face mask video. Dude ... now we're getting ideas. 

You can also catch her dressed as a grandpa giving a dollar store review. 

We can't make this shit up.

She's gained enormous popularity. So much so, that she was mentioned on the show Ridiculousness by host Chanel West Coast. 

photo: Instagram/Brandi Fernandez

With now more than 123K followers, her bio appropriately states, "????When you’re downie eat a brownie????"

photo: Instagram/Brandi Fernandez

So if you'll excuse us...

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We have some tutorials to watch.