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Hillary Clinton has had a really hard week.

But she's not letting the fact that she lost the election dim her shine — she's not stepping away from the work that still needs to be done. And to that end, Clinton made her first post-concession speech appearance at an event for the Children's Defense Fund in Washington.

The CDF is an awesome organization, and Clinton's entire, moving speech is worth checking out. But, of course, what people really needed to talk about was her makeup — or lack thereof.

Compared to her election look, HRC's hair and makeup was far more low-key.

hillary clinton 2016
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Let's be clear — she is still wearing makeup. Powder, subtle mauve lipstick, no false lashes, brown mascara, blown out but minimally-styled hair. It's the kind of glam that normal people wear, rather than the kind of glam that registers as "done" on HD cameras.

And people had Feelings about it.

Some people were really, really here for the no-makeup look.

And many people were... not.

As a beauty editor, feminist, and politically active person in this world, I have some thoughts.

HEAR ME LOUDLY: Clinton should not be "expected" to wear makeup. Makeup is an option, even for public figures — if she wants to skip the bold red lipstick and fake lashes, that's her choice. But also, many of the people lauding her for going "makeup free" seem to equate her look with suddenly being more badass — as if women can't fight the patriarchy AND have perfect lipstick at the same time. Let's not reinforce the tired old belief that women can't care about makeup and social issues at the same time.

On the other side, a large portion of America would rather judge HRC's looks than what she's saying or doing, which is significant — and scary. Clinton's detractors seem to equate her not wearing makeup with being somehow "disrespectful." As if she owes the TV-watching public a perfectly made-up face at all times. 

Women don't owe anyone anything, especially not when it comes to their beauty choices.

Clinton can wear as much or as little makeup as she likes. We ALL can.

Our choices to engage, or not engage, with the beauty industry however we want isn't something we have to debate or defend. Makeup is just one choice in a sea of them, and we're free to make it however we want.