We've all heard the term "Bridezilla," an overly involved bride-to-be who micro-manages just about every aspect of their big day. That's nothing new, but a bride trying to dictate the sexuality of their potential makeup artist isn't quite as common. However, ask Texas-based makeup artist Kristian Cardenas and she may tell you otherwise. 

On June 12, she took to her Facebook page to share an unfortunate interaction between herself and a homophobic future bride who wasn't too keen on having a gay Latina woman as a part of her big day. The exchange is shocking and quite frankly unacceptable.  


Meet Kristian Cardenas.

She's a seriously stunning, crazy-talented makeup artist residing in Lubbock, Texas specializing in making special days such as proms, birthdays, and weddings for women of the south. But that's not all she's mastered. Even more, women in Lubbock know Cardenas for her impeccable hair styling skills.


Cardenas is a lesbian, and a proud one at that.

"Happy lesbian visibility day," she wrote on Instagram back in April. "I thought this would be a great day to go ahead and let my friends and family (that don’t already know) know that i’m gay. i’m so supported, and loved by everyone close to me. if you don’t agree with this, it’s okay. i’m not here to please anyone or ask for you to understand. i’m happy with who i am. oh and it’s not a phase."


When an anonymous person texted her about a service for their wedding, Cardenas was of course elated. 

A woman who said she was referred to Cardenas through a friend reached out to ask her to do her makeup and hair for her big day. Cardenas responded jovially, offering her Facebook page, pricing, and travel rates. Seems like everything would go pretty smooth, right? Not quite. 


Things quickly took a turn. 

And suddenly, Cardenas' sexuality was brought into question by the prospective client. After asking Cardenas if she was gay, the person on the opposite end of the phone stated that she didn't "want a gay person doing [her] wedding," something that visibly took the glam artist aback. But no worries, Cardenas kept her cool.


After Cardenas respectfully sent the lady on her way, things got worse. 

She proceeded to tell Cardenas that being gay was a sin, and even asked her to change her mind so that she would feel comfortable with booking. Cardenas posted it all to her Facebook page with a touching message: 

"Openly sharing who i am with the world is my choice; a choice i will never apologize for. i love what i do and who i am. today i was taken back a little bit, and i doubted if i wanted to continue doing hair and makeup; if this is response i am going to get for being who i am. homophobia is real, and with it being pride month i feel like the comments get worse. i’m sharing this today to say, please be kind to everyone. if someone doesn’t have the same views as you, opinions, or whatever it may be just respect them. don’t hate them for being different," she said. 


Even more shocking, when Cardenas posted to her Twitter, someone else shared a shockingly similar story.

Another woman, who runs a small fruit arrangement company out of California shared her similar experience. In her case, the homophobic inquirer became offended when the business owner declined her services after the woman said she wasn't comfortable with her being exposed to her family. 



Since the incident, Cardenas has experienced lots of love and unfortunately lots of hate as well. 

"Absolutely amazes me as to how awful people can be behind a screen. i’ve never had so many people come for me, or threaten me. i tried to educate my friends and family about how the lbgtq+ were treated & it turned into this amazing thing.. but there’s also so much hate," she tweeted. 

In the meantime, we'll sit and stan her incredible makeup and hair skills, while hoping that whatever hateful woman that was at the other end of that phone will do some much-needed self-reflection.