Riverdale Hot Topic Eyeshadow Palette
photo: The CW/Hot Topic

Riverdale fans are some of the most diehard out there, and that's why everywhere you turn, there's brand-new merch dropping to keep that obsession going. Hot Topic, in particular, loves to indulge us with loads of apparel inspired by the hit show, and that even includes makeup.  

Ahead, check out the new Serpent-inspired palette that just dropped for all the Jughead stans out there — the ones that aren't afraid of a little trouble. 

Southside Serpents, listen up.

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Hot Topic has a few brand-new Riverdale-inspired products for fans of the hit CW series, and they're more addicting than Fizzle Rocks and Jingle Jangle combined. One, in particular, is a fresh eye shadow palette that anyone trying to attract a Serpent King like Jughead should surely try to get their hands on. Keep on reading to check out the mesmerizing color. 

The palette comes with 12 vibrant and highly pigmented shades for a low price.

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The palette, which is specifically a tribute to the Southside's rough-and-tumble biker gang is for all of the makeup lovers out there who aren't afraid to live life on the edge. The 12 shades, which include striking hues of blue and purple, surely aren't for those days when you're trying to play it safe. Instead, they're for those days that you're seriously trying to stand out because you don't FIT IN, BETTY.

So, what are you waiting for? At only $20, this palette is a serious steal. 

Newly initiated into the Southside Serpents? Ditch your subtle makeup look for something a bit more rebellious. This eye shadow palette from Riverdale features the Southside Serpents patch inlay on the front and opens up like a book. With a mix of matte and shimmery eye shadows, each of the 12 shades features a Jughead-inspired crown design. There is also a mirror with the phrase "Jughead Jones Wuz Here."

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And if you're really feeling the Riverdale merch right now, Hot Topic has tons of other apparel to feed your obsession. Check it out ahead.

Southside Serpents Faux Leather Jacket ($80, Hot Topic)

You'll never forget who you ride with in this Southside Serpents jacket inspired by the hit series. Made of soft black faux leather, this jacket features a burnished silver zipper closure, two waist pockets, zipper side detail, and an embroidered Southside Serpents back patch. A night out at Whyte Wyrm definitely looks something like this. 

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Southside Serpents Tank Top ($25, Hot Topic)

Represent the Serpents with your arms out this summer with this Southside-inspired tank top. With a gray, tonal double-headed snake with the classic South Side Serpents banner, there'll be no one messing with you — and that we're sure of. 

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Pops Chocklit Shoppe Insulated Lunch Sack ($20, Hot Topic)

Carry your to-go orders from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in this insulated lunch sack from Riverdale. This white lunch sack features the Pop's logo on the front and back, with a hook-and-loop fastening strip closure. It may not be the Serpent's style, but if you're more of a North Side gal, then this may be for you. 

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King Of The Southside Serpents Tank Top ($23, Hot Topic)

All hail Jughead, King of the Southside Serpents! Show your allegiance to Riverdale's brooding Mr. Jones III in this black racerback tank, which features a green double-headed snake in the shape of an "S" with a depiction of Jughead's infamous crown sitting atop the serpent.

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