Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Full Coverage Matte Foundation
photo: Huda Beauty

You can almost guarantee that anything Huda Beauty comes up with is going to be a megahit, with fans clamoring the web and physical shelves to dish out the cash. The brand's founder, Huda Kattan, a makeup influencer turned beauty mogul, has become an authority in both skin care and beauty, churning out products that actually work, and not just those that have Insta-photo potential.  

One of those must-have products from the brand is the #FauxFilter Full Coverage Matte Foundation. It's a full-coverage cream formula that's ideal for those with oily skin but who still enjoy a full beat — that doesn't move, of course. It has argan oil and centella asiatica, which ensures the product doesn't dry out the skin, and is packed with ultra-refined pigments for an airbrushed finish. In other words, it's everything you could ever ask for in a matte foundation.

However, usually the beloved foundation boasts a price tag of $40, which for some, can be a little pricey. But now the luxury complexion product is marked down dramatically to just $24 at Sephora. Ahead, grab yours before these 30 shades are all sold out. 

And they will sell out. 

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Full Coverage Matte Foundation ($24, Sephora)