Makeup palettes, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are shaped like milkshakes, others are sleek and luxurious, and some are so bright, you need sunglasses to play with these colors. Huda Kattan's cosmetics line, Huda Beauty, has created a wonderfully diverse array of eye shadow palettes, and now, the brand is adding to their mini Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette lineup with three new nude neutral collections, specially designed for each skin tone range.

Kattan initially teased the launch with black-and-white photos of the palettes, which is deliciously cruel.

"SURPRISE I have a new treat for you guys … any guesses? Let me know in the comment section!" wrote Kattan on Instagram, along with this tempting teaser image. Meanwhile, fans everywhere (and by "fans," I mean me in my bedroom) were furiously adjusting the color settings on their monitors in an effort to extract some color information.

The mini Nude Obsession palettes come in three colorways: Light, Medium, and Rich.

"MINI NUDE OBSESSIONS are finally here!!!!" announced Kattan on Instagram. "These are the first EVER nude palettes inspired by each skin tone!"

We attempted to fact-check Kattan's claim that these are the first nude palettes arranged by skin tone, and while there are way too many eye shadow palettes, we were unable to find a similar release by another brand. If you know of any other "nude palettes inspired by each skin tone," let us know.

Like the other mini Obsession palettes, these come in a square-shaped package with nine pans. Temptalia reports that the Nude Obsession palettes will retail for $29 and will be released on October 9 on as part of Huda Beauty's holiday 2019 offering. The palettes will be available at the brand's retailers on October 15.

The Light palette is described as a collection of "dusty roses, crimson reds, rich berry, and sandy fawn with pink undertone."

For the pale ghosts among us, the Light palette features pinky colors with a gorgeous purple shimmer and a chestnut transition shade. More than the other palettes, this one feels like a smaller version of the larger New Nudes palette.

The Medium palette is a "rich mix of spicy tones combining chestnuts, deep browns, and warm mauves."

The Medium palette isn't just a darker version of the Light palette; like the Rich palette below, it features an entirely different color family to work expressly with its specified tone. Those shimmery pumpkin and rust colors will look especially beautiful on folks in this skin tone range.

The gorgeous Rich palette is a "balance of light and creamy praline hues with both warm and cool tones."

For folks with deeper skin tones, the Rich palette features dark cranberry shades and a ~smoldering~ brown transition color.

On Instagram, the brand swatched each of the palettes on three different skin tones, indicating that, while the palettes were created for each skin tone in mind, anyone can use whatever palette they want to get the fierce eye shadow look they deserve. Collect them all!