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Huda Kattan has built a beauty empire to end all empires. Her self-titled brand, Huda Beauty, has waitlists of thousands of people and can barely stay on digital shelves upon release. Now, after months of teasing her new release, we have an official launch date for the Huda New Nude eye shadow palette. 

It's worth the wait, and something we will definitely be adding to our makeup collection. Will you? 

Huda Beauty never disappoints, especially when it comes to eye shadow.

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And if there's one thing every makeup lover needs, it's a neutral palette.

photo: Instagram/Huda Beauty

It's even better when those staple shades come paired with equally jaw-dropping shimmers. 

photo: Instagram/Huda Beauty

That's where Huda Beauty comes in.

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Launching November 1, the Huda New Nude palette retails for $65 and comes with 18 fabulous shades. 

photo: Instagram/Huda Beauty

Kattan's newest release is every shade you'll need for the daily wear and every shade you'll need for the drama.

Huda swatched the range on Instagram, and all we can say is: YES. 

This is Huda Beauty's third full-size palette launch.

photo: Instagram/Makeup Hunters News

The first of the brand's palettes to launch was the fan favorite Huda Desert Dusk, a sultry and smokey palette with lots of red undertones and browns. 

photo: Instagram/Huda Beauty

Then came the Huda Rose Gold palette, every aspiring fairy's dream. 

photo: Instagram/Huda Beauty

Kattan herself did a tutorial featuring the palette, and it was stunning. 

If you're still looking for stocking stuffers, you don't need to look any further. 

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Join the waitlist now!

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Your eyelids will thank you.