Huda Beauty is on a roll with her new product releases these days! From new lip kits to her first hybrid makeup product to this latest product tease, the brand is clearly out to keep our makeup collections stocked all summer long. However, through all the eyeshadow, highlighter, and complexion product releases, there has been one important essential missing: setting spray. The brand has plans to change that up very soon with her latest beauty product tease.

Who's ready to set a flawless face with brand founder Huda Kattan?

Behold, the newest Huda Beauty product announcement!

"#HudaBeautyRestingBossFace coming soon," the brand wrote on Instagram.

After a long list of other successful launches, Kattan finally made something to set it our faces for the summer. With the help of three iconic drag queens who are Violet Chachki, Shea Coulee, and Farrah Moan, Kattan teased the product with an iconic photo shoot. Even Huda Kattan herself was transformed into a drag goddess for the stunning shots. This shoot is super edgy and definitely different from all the other campaigns we've seen come from Huda Beauty. 

Here's a photo of what the actual setting spray bottle looks like. 

The simple black bottle with hot pink writing resembles a self-tanner container. With a "long-lasting matte finish," Kattan is working to help us keep our makeup in place throughout these upcoming sweaty months. The launch is the most recent in a ripple of exciting launches including the N.Y.M.P.H. Body Highlighter ($49, Sephora) which just hit Sephora on May 3. "How many products can Huda drop in one week?" a fan asked about the constant Huda Beauty drops. 

Obviously, the answer is as many as Sephora can stock!

Although lots of Huda Beauty fans are looking forward to the Resting Boss Face spray, a few skeptics pointed out that her product name is very similar to an unreleased Jeffree Star setting spray.

Jeffree Star has filed for a similar setting spray name which is Resting B**** Face.

"This is gonna be...interesting. @HudaBeauty is coming out with a new setting spray called ‘Resting Boss Face’ and Jeffree Star’s new setting spray is called ‘Resting Bitch Face,’ "beauty drama page, HereForTheTea2, noted on Instagram. 

"Huda’s trademark filed: March 5, 2018. JSC’s trademark filed: January 25, 2019 (original trademark was filed April 11, 2016 but was abandoned and re-filed [on]  January 25, 2019)." The findings have brought about a lot of mixed emotions and social media is torn. 

Fans are paying VERY close attention to the dates of the filings. 

Huda Beauty Setting Spray.
photo: Instagram/HereForTheTea2

The dates don't lie. Star did in fact file the initial trademark ages before Kattan's new product was in the works. "Jeffree's real filing date is 2016-04-11, I literally just checked it," said one. Sigh. This could be a huge problem.

Many pointed out that Kattan's trademark filing was approved first. 

photo: Instagram/HereForTheTea2

"Resting boss face sounds lame but she did file first so JS can't come for her even though he probably still will," said a commenter who noted Star's tendency to call out anyone who threatens his brand in any way. It is very possible that Jeffree Star could speak out about this. The product names are similar. He also did have the overall idea first. Then, there is the fact that Jeffree Star and Huda Kattan just had a very public social media blow-up in 2018.

Some Huda Kattan critics sided with Jeffree Star based on the fact that this isn't the first time Kattan has been accused of stealing a makeup concept from another indie brand.

photo: Instagram/HereForTheTea2
"Huda lost the right to bitch about it. we ain't forget about Beauty Bakery [sic]," a critic wrote. 

No one has forgotten that Huda Kattan's Easy Bake collection seemed like a blatant copy of Beauty Bakerie's entire dessert-inspired branding. The rip-off was so obvious and widely discussed that Beauty Bakerie responded with an Instagram post that read, "Hey Sweets, Everyone's invited to the baking party, even Huda." 


People believe the overall Huda Beauty brand lacks originality.

Huda Beauty Setting Spray
photo: InstagramInstagram/HereForTheTea2

"TBH, Huda steals from everyone for everything. Taste of her own medicine. (Beauty Bakerie, NYMPH looks suspiciously like Fenty Body Lava, etc....)," a critic wrote.

Since the launch was announced, many compared the body shimmer to Fenty's Body Lava ($59, Sephora) and we can't really blame them. Though Rihanna in no way invented body shimmer, that gel-like formula is definitely something we didn't see a lot of before Body Lava. 

They think Huda Kattan knows exactly what she's doing with her makeup releases.

Huda Beauty Setting Spray
photo: Instagram/HereForTheTea2

"I don’t support Huda [because] of her constant need to copy other brands. We all know about the Beauty Bakerie incident, but has anyone else noticed her last two launches have been identical to Fenty Beauty’s? Fenty adds a new shade of Body Lava (trophy wife) and Huda comes out with nymph. Fenty Beauty launches bronzers and Huda comes out with Tantour. To me, this is the epitome of 'Can I copy your homework?' 'Yeah, just don’t make it noticeable,'" wrote a serious Kattan opposer. 

Some people believe Star should just humble himself and change his name altogether. 

Huda Beauty Setting Spray
photo: Instagram/HereForTheTea2

"Honestly I feel like if Huda filed it first, then I'm on her side. Not saying JS copied but he should really change the name if he wants to have a successful (and drama free) product," said someone. 

We'd say that there's a 0% chance of that happening. We do not see Jeffree Star ever readjusting any aspect of his brand to keep peace with Huda Kattan. He has a loyal customer base that will buy his products no matter what he names them. Kattan is also his enemy. What would be the point of changing his setting spray name?

But do we have to take sides at all?

"Wait why are we 'taking sides?' It’s not even the same name lmao," wrote a commenter with an extremely strong point. The names, though not extremely so, are different. 

So what happens next? Well, since the official product has not been launched and Star has yet to make a comment, we'll have to just see where this debacle goes.