Huda Beauty employees
photo: Getty Images

It's no secrets that large companies have found themselves laying off employees during this time, while the highest in command continue to collect monstrous salaries. Huda Beauty, however, is not one of those brands. Huda Kattan has just announced that she and her family will be forgoing salaries all so their employees can keep their jobs, and the gesture isn't going unnoticed. 

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Huda Beauty's employees don't have to worry about paychecks during this trying time.

And that's because it's founder and CEO Huda Kattan, along with her family, will be forgoing their salaries so that no cuts to employees have to be made. She announced the news on Instagram after first sending an email to her staff. "No ONE will get through this until we get through this TOGETHER," she wrote. "I was so inspired by my team! Unity is the Answer."

Those taking holds on salaries includes her sister Mona.

Along with other sister Alya, the trio of sisters are going to take a break from what we assume are their very healthy salaries so that their employees can remain employed during these trying times. Now this is the leadership people have been looking for from large companies.

Whether you're a fan or not, this is wonderful news.

"I usually don't care about the brand, as it just isn't my cup of tea aesthetically," someone tweeted. "But, I genuinely think this is great of Huda and Huda Beauty to look out for their employees and make sure they are secured financially during this time."

We stan!