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"The Hunger Games" books and films may be done, but that doesn't mean we have to let go of our favorite dystopian world.

If you've been dreaming of Effie's incredible eye shadow game, I have fantastic news: Storybook Cosmetics just announced that it's releasing an official "Hunger Games" makeup line.

According to Storybook Cosmetics spokesperson, this collab is being created in partnership with Lionsgate Films, making it the indie brand's FIRST official collection.


This is an absolutely massive deal for an indie brand like Storybook Cosmetics.

You probably remember Storybook's iconic wand-shaped brushes, inspired by Harry Potter. But because that collection wasn't official, the brand couldn't make their brushes look EXACTLY like the wands from the films.

But since the Hunger Games collab has been ~blessed~ by Lionsgate, Storybook will have access to use a mass of images, titles, and maybe even color names to take this line to another level.

And that means we get to enjoy an even more epic collection!

Storybook already has the quality and creativity thing down — just check out Bullseye Brush Set (due this spring) that's giving me major Katniss vibes.

Just think of the potential: this line could launch several District-themed eye shadow palettes. Glitters and saturated metallic shades would dazzle in the Capitol, smoky charcoals and matte neutrals find a home in District 12, and blues and seafoam greens make a splash in District 4.

It's also proof that big companies are starting to notice the power of indie beauty brands.

Up until now, the general play has always been for big movie studios to partner with big makeup brands for "official" merchandising tie-ins. But as the social media popularity of indie beauty brands like Storybook grows, they'll become WAY more attractive to big production companies (like Lionsgate).

And we reap the benefits: we get to support smaller businesses, we get higher quality products, and (hopefully) things won't sell out as fast.

Although there are few details, this collab will definitely be huge — especially because we'll all be able to afford it.

Storybook might be a small brand, but that sure doesn't hike up their price points. Given the five-brush magic wand set costs $55 — that's eleven bucks each! — we're expecting the Hunger Games products will be VERY friendly to our bank accounts.

We don't know when in summer this collection will launch — but once it does... move fast!

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It's probably going to sell out IMMEDIATELY. Happy Hunger Games, everyone!