Iggy Azalea White People Milk
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If there's one thing we've learned on the internet, it's that Twitter's favorite pastime is poking fun at celebs. Whether it's their latest fashion flub, a bad hair day, or just something stupid they said, we can always count on our timelines for epic and endless roasts. But every now and again, they will beat us to the punch, cracking a joke about themselves before anyone else can and sending Twitter into a frenzy. 

A perfect example of this was when rapper Iggy Azalea received a comment on Twitter that she quickly figured wouldn't be received too well. Rather than letting it all implode into an Azalea obliteration fest, she responded with a hilarious troll of herself that's almost too funny to handle.

Iggy Azalea is almost 30. 

And depending on who you ask, they'll tell you that she either looks way younger or way older than that. The rapper with full hair, masterfully arched brows, and pouty lips has been persistent in her search for the fountain of youth, like most celebs in Hollywood.

An Azalea fan page imagined her as an 80-year-old to emphasize how young she looks, and while the performer could have easily said thank you, she had other ideas. 

"Who are we kidding, I’m white. We age like milk, this is me at 50," she hilariously wrote in response to the extremely complimentary tweet. Needless to say, Twitter erupted in shock to Azalea's candid response. 

Though she has been known to make a joke or two on Twitter, nobody was expecting that her most recent comedic display would be directed at herself.

Nonetheless, fans and haters alike were living. "We love a self-aware Queen," someone sarcastically said.

Her reaction seemed completely out of left field. 

The tweet made for some pretty head-turning and head-scratching headlines, of course. Some folks thought they may have been reading the wrong thing. 

“'Iggy Azalea says white people age like milk' is the funniest news headline i’ve seen all year," someone said. 

But fans had advice for how to slow down the aging process.

The key to not aging? Being unproblematic. Azalea's reputation is far from pristine, and Twitter definitely took that into account.

"Only racists age like milk Iggy, loom at @Alyssa_Milano shes still fine af at I dont even want to guess her age but not too far from my 39," someone tweeted. 

And another easy fix...

The art of leaving other people's drama alone, something the rapper hasn't exactly mastered yet (hi, Azalea Banks). "Minding your business slows the process. Do that and you will be fine!" someone said, lending another crumb of advice. 

Still, we can appreciate that self-deprecating humor.

These days, celebrities are known for taking themselves way too seriously, so it was admittedly refreshing to see the rapper poking fun at herself. 

"Did iggy really drag herself and say she’s gonna she like milk aaksks," someone said. 

Yes, she did. And it was kind of everything?