cardi b iheartradio awards
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The Oscars might be considered the last big red carpet of awards show season, but the iHeartRadio Music Awards show — this year's installment of which took place last night in California — is low-key excellent, too.

Specifically, we're talking about the beauty looks. Many of our favorite celebrities (and their makeup artists) pulled out all the stops for this awards show. Take a look at just 25 of last night's best right here:


We need to know what falsies Halsey was wearing RIGHT NOW.

halsey eyelashes
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Same goes for Cardi B, whose big win *almost* distracted us from that flawless eye look.

cardi b makeup
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Camila Cabello's fresh liner had us fawning, as was to be expected.

camila cabello eyeliner
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Madelaine Petsch added a pop of blue to hers, so we'll be trying that ASAP.

madelain petsch makeup
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Someone should've called the fire department on Jackie Cruz for that lipstick.

jackie cruz lipstick
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And speaking of lipstick, have you ever SEEN a cleaner lip line than Serayah McNeil's?

serayah mcneil makeup
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Paris Hilton was contoured to perfection. Shocker.

paris hilton makeup
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Sibley Scoles' daring blue eyeliner had us totally ~electrified~.

sibley scoles makeup
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Let's talk about last night's eyebrows real quick, because there were SO MANY stunning pairs, such as Jess Kent's.

jess kent makeup
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And Ashanti's.

ashanti makeup
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And Ashley Iaconetti's.

ashley iaconetti
photo: Getty Images

AND Sarah Hyland's.

sarah hyland makeup
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Ugh, Draya Michele's, too. Tell us who your brow ladies are, we need to book an appointment.

draya michele makeup
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Eris Baker had the less-is-more look slain.

eris baker makeup
photo: Getty Images

Hayley Baldwin took that same approach with just a tiny bit of glitter.

hailey baldwin makeup
photo: Getty Images

Anne-Marie added just light-brown shadow to make those eyes really pop.

annemarie iheartradio awards
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Sydney Sierota did the same with blue-black kohl liner.

syney sierota makeup
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Laverne Cox opted for a sweep of light-purple shadow and fluttery lashes.

laverne cox purple makeup
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Ashley Greene placed all her eyeliner in her waterline for the world's most precise smoky eye.

ashley greene
photo: Getty Images

So did Mariah Belgrod.

photo: Getty Images

Bebe Rexha kept all the focus up top with simple, metallic shadow.

bebe rexha smoky eye
photo: Getty Images

Chantel Jeffries made a strong case for only wearing green around the eyes.

chantel jeffries makeup
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Kehlani straight-up destroyed the smoky eye game.

kehlani makeup
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Jenna Dewan Tatum just fucking went for it.

jenna dewan tatum makeup
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And Justine Skye had perfect EVERYTHING — seriously, is even real?

justine skye makeup
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