Oh my god, y'all. It finally happened.

Someone made foundation more inclusive than Fenty Beauty (and Make Up For Ever and CoverFX etc ...). And it's a drugstore brand that's about to save your budget in ways you never thought possible.

Alissa Ashley partnered up with NYX Cosmetics to curate shades for the brand's new Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation.

And it's going to come in 45 SHADES.

Yeah, you heard me right.

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45. As in more than Fenty (and every other brand that copied Fenty this year).

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And thanks to Ashley's help, it's actually inclusive.

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For reference, here's Deep Ebony, the range's deepest shade.

nyx deep ebony
photo: Courtesy of NYX

And here's the lightest shade, Pale.

nyx foundation
photo: Courtesy of NYX

And NYX created just about every possible shade between — and thanks to advice from Ashley, it did not forget about the undertones.

photo: Instagram/nyxcosmetics

"The main thing I did was help develop shades," Ashley told Allure. "We noticed that a lot of in-between shades were missing."

"NYX already has an amazing shade range to begin with, but even though it was good, it could still be improved by adding some middle or in-between shades," she continued.

"I’m someone who has to constantly mix different shades to match my skin tone," she told Allure. "When developing this new range, we found that if we mixed two together or tweaked it by adding a slight undertone, we could get those in-between shades."

Her shade is 15.9 Warm Honey, by the way.

nyx warm honey
photo: Courtesy of NYX

Now I hear you back there asking, "BUT HOW MUCH DOES IT COST THO?" And it's $15.

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That's nothing compared to the $45+ price tag that usually gets slapped on inclusive high-end foundations.

The entire range of NYX's Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation hits stores and the web on August 16.

And thankfully, I don't really have to tell you to prepare your budgets for chaos this time.