Inked by Dani tattoos
photo: Instagram/InkedByDani

I remember I used to be the first in line at birthday parties and on vacation to get any kind of temporary body or face artwork. Whether it be henna, face painting, or those wash-on tattoos, you could count on me to have it. Now as I've grown older, my desire for something more permanent isn't quite as prevalent. While I admire tattoos from a distance, I'm both too chicken and indecisive to ever get one for myself. 

Basically, temporary tattoos are so much more than a fad. Many of us mostly see them as a leftover from our childhoods rather than a serious fashion staple — but one genius brand is now making temporary body ink for adults, and it's available at Target. 

Remember temporary tattoos?

The ones that we would beg our parents for a quarter for and immediately rush to the nearest water source to apply? They'd only last a few days tops, but we would feel like ~edgy~ adults while they lasted. Those were simpler days, and as we've gotten older, most of us have traded in the juvenile skin decorations for some much more intricate, permanent options. 

But what if we said that temporary tattoos are making a comeback?

And this time around they're made for grown-ups? Thanks to a genius temporary tattoo company named Inked by Dani, people of all ages can show off new and painless body art this summer that's easy to switch once you get bored. But this isn't for those ink lovers who are looking for something big — this is for the minimalist honeys who like their tattoos small and simple. 

They just got so much easier to buy.

Inked by Dani Tattoos
photo: Courtesy of Inked by Dani

Because the miniature pieces have found their way even closer to you. Last week, Inked by Dani made the lives of tattoo lovers and indecisive hunnies everywhere a little bit easier when it added its highly sought-after body placements to the brick-and-mortar and digital aisles of mega-retailer Target. 

There are so many to choose from. 

Inked by Dani Tattoos
photo: Inked by Dani

From geometric artwork to adorable phrases to even small sketches of animals, Inked by Dani tattoos are the perfect way to try out designs before making them permanent. There are even some vibrant-colored tattoos that you can take for a spin. You can apply them just about anywhere on your body, and even better, they're oh-so affordable. 

And although the entire Inked by Dani collection isn't yet available at Target, check out what there is to choose from. 

20pk Geometric Temporary Tattoos ($12, Target)

These versatile, minimal designs boast a sophisticated, futuristic flare. The delicate, edgy tattoos look flawless on fingers, hands, and wrists. Try multiple ones in one area, or apply just one for a fashion-forward, chic, fun look. 

>> Get it here

10pk Inspired Temporary Tattoos ($7, Target)

The Inspired Pack is a collection of Inked by Dani's most sophisticated black and white designs! Inspired by realistic tattoo designs, this pack is a perfect solution to making your tattoo dreams a (temporary) reality! Throw one on your wrist or surprise your friends with one behind the ear; the opportunities are really endless. 

>> Get it here

It's looking like a tatted-up summer. 

Even for those of us who are scared to take the plunge with the needle. Now you can shock everyone around you with your temporary yet realistic body ink this season. So if you just can't decide what to get, don't want anything permanent, or simply would like to add some flare to your already existing tattoo collection, let Inked by Dani help you. 

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