Instagram Plastic Surgery Filter
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Since the beginning of filters, social media users have used the tool to give themselves an instant makeover. The variety of photo adjustments has made snapping selfies more fun. And while most of the filters are pure fun, a recent addition is being accused of encouraging body dysmorphia. 

Instagram has decided to remove the filter because of controversy, but not everyone agrees with this decision.

Let's face it, we all love filters. 

Instagram plastic surgery filter
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Whether it's turning ourselves into puppies or transforming our faces with flower crowns, filters are the fun way to be silly, or just to look like a more-airbrushed version of ourselves. The filters are usually harmless, with social media users simply wanting a different look for entertainment on their feeds or on their stories.

But the recent plastic surgery filter that's taken over Instagram has caused quite a bit of discussion. 

The filter, which plumps lips, cinches noses, and raises cheekbones, is probably the most drastic of the filters we've seen on Instagram. And as expected, fans immediately took to it, posting it everywhere, enamored with how they looked with the changes to their face. The attention it's received has made it arguably one of the most used Instagram filters of all time. 

And now, amid controversy, Instagram is taking away the talked-about filter. 

Instagram selfie filter
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Spark AR, the company that creates Instagram Story filters, posted a statement to its Facebook page:
We want Spark AR effects to be a positive experience and are reevaluating our existing policies as they relate to well-being. While this happens, we’re doing the following:
Removing all effects associated with plastic surgery from the Instagram Effect Gallery.
Postponing approval of new effects associated with plastic surgery until further notice.
Continuing to remove policy-violating effects as they are identified.
Over the coming weeks, these steps will result in increased review times and a delay in effect approvals. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your team. For status updates on any effects that are in review, you can visit Spark AR Hub.

Not everybody is happy about the change in policy, and many don't agree with the drastic steps taken to remove the functionality.

"I promise [you], no one is going to get plastic surgery JUST BECAUSE of an Instagram filter … and if they do that’s their decision. Why are people worried about what other people do with their bodies?" someone asked, disappointed that the filter is going away.

But that's one person's opinion, as more and more people have been saying that the filter made them want to actually get surgery. 

"Definitely contributes to body dysmorphia. Can’t tell you how many girls I’ve seen using this filter nonstop. Talm bout 'I need ____ done.' I support plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures, but the rate of young women wanting those procedures [because] of the filters is astonishing," someone else tweeted, explaining why the filters could be detrimental.