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Kim Kardashian, patron saint of selfies.

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Yesterday, the all new iPhone X was announced at Apple's keynote.

While there was a LOT revealed — Wireless charging! Your face unlocks it! It's a full thousand dollars! — there's one thing that's really worth getting excited about.

Namely, the selfies. Because the iPhone X is going to elevate your selfie game to an art form.

First, the rear-facing cameras are absolutely INSANE — perfect for capturing all the detail in your makeup.

iphone x
photo: Apple

Oh, yes. I said cameraS, because there are so damn many of them.

There are dual 12 megapixel cameras on the back of the phone, which when paired with the phone's new color filter, deeper pixels, and better sensor, is basically like having an old school DSLR in your pocket at all times.

So the next time you ask a waiter to take a photo of you and your best friends at brunch, you're going to get a Vogue editorial back. That's pretty amazing.

Additionally, if you're all about that video life, there's a rumor that the iPhone 8 and X will be able to shoot in 4K. Get ready for the most intense outfit Boomerangs of all time.

But it's the front-facing camera that's getting ready to change your entire life.

apple iphone x
photo: Apple

If you, like me, are all about that selfie life, this will shake you to your damn core.

The iPhone X's front-facing camera has been totally redesigned — some say not exactly for the best — to enable the controversial Face ID feature. The upside: You can now take selfies with an unprecedented seven megapixel camera.

This, combined with the X's improved color capture and auto image stabilization, means that your highlight selfies are about to POP like they've never popped before.

And brace yourself — the X is the first iPhone that will have portrait mode on the front-facing camera!

portrait mode x
photo: Apple

SAINTS, BE PRAISED! Portrait mode is here to make you look even more beautiful than you already are. If it works in a similar way to the portrait setting on the 7+, this will blur the background, soften skin tones, and make you the star of your photos.

But it gets better: The selfie portrait mode comes with pre-set lighting controls (Studio light! Contour light!), so you can control every element of your pictures.

What else does Apple have brewing for the X? Only time will tell. But better cameras, portrait mode, and the finest degree of control over ALL my lighting? Sign me up.

If they build Kira Kira+ into this bad boy, I'll sell a kidney to get this phone. What wouldn't I do to look incredible in all my photos?