Awkward girls all over the world, rejoice! Issa Rae announced (the morning after the season finale of "Insecure") that she has landed her first major beauty deal as the new face of CoverGirl.

Issa has captured the world's heart on Sunday nights with "Insecure," and before that, she introduced us to her humor with the "Awkward Black Girl" web series.

When Rae isn't writing and acting, she's serving up natural hair inspiration and slaying red carpets left and right as she collects awards for her art.

And now Issa — in all her deep-toned, natural-haired blackness — is a COVERGIRL!

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"I remember being an awkward Black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favorite magazines, casually flipping through CoverGirl ads, singing their slogan in my head," she wrote. "Never EVER in my life did I imagine I'd be one."

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CoverGirl also shared the news on Instagram, with a short love note to Issa Rae:

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The post reads, "YES, you better believe it beautiful, the secret is finally out and we couldn't be happier! YOU *clap*  ARE *clap* EVERYTHING *clap* and we are so honored to welcome you to the #COVERGIRL family!"

Excuse me while I turn into a bucket of tears.

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This moment is for every awkward Black girl with dark skin and short hair who was ever made to feel less-than because she doesn't fit society's trash standards of beauty. 

Issa Rae deserves *all* of the things and issa easy, breezy, beautiful feeling to watch it all come together for her. 

And, oh yeah: In yo face, LAWRENCE!