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I'm the first person to admit that I'm a big baby when it comes to scary movies. And while I used to be completely opposed to watching anything of the sort, as I've gotten older and started to feel the pressure, I've begun to make some exceptions. I can't watch in any group smaller than four, I must watch a light-hearted comedy — preferably a romcom — immediately following, and I have to sleep with my bathroom light on for at least one night following. Maybe a little excessive, right? But with movies out there as terrifying as It, a girl has to have some rules. 

And while I'm terrified of that evil clown, what I'm not so afraid of is a little eye shadow. Luckily, or unluckily, Hot Topic just dropped a palette inspired by the movie in time for Halloween. Check it out and prepared to be spooked. 

If there's one thing Hot Topic loves, it's a movie-inspired eye shadow palette.

And they're proving that yet again with a palette inspired by the recently released It Chapter Two, the bone-chilling horror flick that serves as the sequel to the 2017 film and features a terrorizing clown leaving the town of Derry, Maine, in shambles as now-grown-up childhood friends begin disappearing without a trace. 

The eight-shade palette arrives right in time for Halloween. 

And while Pennywise doesn't exactly scream beauty queen, the vibrant colors featured in the palette surely do. The spooky set features hues of blue, yellow. orange, and red and is surely a bit more colorful than the dark spirit of the evil clown. We're going to guess that Pennywise wouldn't necessarily want to take his dip in this here rainbow-esque palette. 

So what are you waiting for?

According to Hot Topic:

This palette is for members of the Losers Club only. Inspired by It, there is a Loser/Lover design on the front. When you open the palette, there is a balloon-shaped mirror on the left. There are eight shimmery and matte eye shadows with Pennywise-approved names: Losers, Room 208, S.S. Georgie, Come Home, Come Play, Lovers, Derry, and Float.

Did we mention that they also have mugs?

Hot Topic is sparing no expense in making sure that fans of the movie are completely decked out in merch. "You'll definitely need a full cup of Joe. If you're staying up to watch scary movies all night. Find these mugs in our link in bio," Hot Topic wrote on its Instagram. 

Are you creeped out yet?

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In case you haven't checked out the film and have a thing for terrifying cinema, It Chapter Two is in theaters now! 

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