ICYMI, beauty YouTuber Jackia Aina won an NAACP Image Award over the weekend, and it's a BFD.

She took home the award for YouTuber of the Year, a brand new award category for the association.

And her fans are rightfully losing their minds because they're so damn proud.

The tears are FLOWING on Twitter.

And the applause just. Won't. Stop.

And why would it? Aina's recognition is MORE than well deserved.

For years, she's been fearlessly standing up for fellow Black women and is actively changing the way they're regarded in the beauty industry.

Big brand release an all-beige shade range? Brand owner make a hypocritical statement about inclusivity? Or attempt to pander to Black women on Instagram?

Call Jackie Aina.

Congrats, girl.

photo: Giphy

You've earned it. Where are the tissues?