Jackie Aina/Beyoncé
photo: Instagram

When it comes to women I stan, and stan hard, it's Beyoncé and Jackie Aina. One is undoubtedly a music icon, a wondrous inspiration who I've been obsessed with since her first Destiny's Child album; and Aina was one of the first-ever YouTubers I came to admire and trust. So it's safe to say that I never thought I'd see the day when those two were at odds, and it seems that, well, that day still hasn't come — or rather Twitter thinks it has. 

On Monday night, social media alleged that Aina was mad at Beyoncé for not sending her that sought-after Ivy Park PR package, but Aina says it's all a lie. 

Check out the seemingly unprovoked drama ahead. 

On Monday night, Jackie Aina was trending on Twitter. However, the reason confused many. 

"So the mixed chick @jackieaina is upset bc she didn’t get a PR package from Beyoncé? What kind of self-entitlement lmao," one misleading tweet read. There appeared to be two problems with the tweet. One, Aina being referred to as "mixed," as she's never said so of herself, and nobody was able to locate a tweet where Aina was upset about not receiving the Ivy Park mailer. Aina, equally as confused, responded. "Yall just get on this app and say ANYTHING huh," she responded.

After further digging, it was revealed that this alleged beef with Beyoncé came from tweets from almost 10 years ago. 

"Back in like 2012 I tweeted she was overrated and somebody's messy ass dug it back up the day of her Beychella performance to make it seem like I had tweeted it THAT DAY," she clarified. "They haven't shut the hell up about it since, so annoying." 

Since then, that tweet has seemed to continue to resurface being used against Aina whenever something big surrounding Beyoncé occurs. 

Many Aina fans are shocked that the aged tweet is still being used. 

"This whole thing with Jackie Aina & her alleged dislike of Beyoncé back in 2012 means absolutely nothing," someone tweeted. "Y’all acting like people can’t change their stance on someone. There are artists I loved back in 2012 that I don’t even check for now in 2020. Y’all need to grow up."

Well, Aina seems to be completely unbothered. 

And guess what, folks? She still plans on supporting Queen Bey by buying the entire collection. "Me, going to get the collection on launch day anyway while the rest of you argue about PR," she joked. Leave it to Aina to always be a good sport, even when there's tons of drama surrounding her. 

But she does have a message.

"It’s gonna be delusion and paranoia at this point because WHAT...?" she tweeted in the midst of the mess. It looks like she's just as big of a Beyoncé fan as the rest of us and is completely over the drama. 

No worries, folks. Things are just fine between these two queens.