Jackie Aina proposal
photo: Instagram/Jackie Aina

For the past two years, we've watched beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina and longtime boyfriend Denis Asamoah play out their love for us all to see. The hilariously entertaining and truly organic couple has been #goals since they made their public debut, and we haven't been able to get enough since. Well now, after years of dating, the couple has decided to make it official, and the proposal was something every girl dreams of. 

Ahead, check out every detail shared by Asamoah himself, and the jaw-dropping wedding ring that could legit stop traffic. 

In case you missed it, Jackie Aina is an engaged woman. 

And of course, her now fiancé and longtime partner Denis Asamoah had to propose to his lady in a way that was fit for a queen. After Aina revealed on her Twitter that she said yes, he followed up with a much-anticipated play-by-play of the amazing evening in Mykonos, Greece, where Aina was celebrating her 32nd birthday. 

"So who wants to know how the proposal went," he asked fans on Twitter. 

Aina was under the impression that she would be attending a birthday dinner. 

"@jackieaina thought I was taking her to dinner with some friends to celebrate her birthday. Little did she know she was in for a surprise. Getting her up the stairs blindfolded was a challenge as you can see," Asamoah captioned a photo of a blindfolded Aina walking up spiral steps to what would be a night she'd never forget. 

The proposal setup was something straight out of a fairytale. 

The view overlooked the Grecian sunset, with an intimate table adorned with red roses and set for two. 

"The proposal took place on a private rooftop and had a direct view to the sunset! This terrace was the perfect setting for a private dinner and proposal. Sade is Jackie’s favorite artist, and I had a saxophonist play her favorite hits throughout the night," Asamoah said. 

However, not everything went off without a hitch. 

But we have the saxophonist to thank for distracting Aina while her fiancé-to-be struggled to pull the ring box out of his back pocket.

"After walking up a number of stairs & Jackie nearly falling into the candles it was at this point, I went down on my bad knees, and took out the ring, & [prepared] to say my speech. Whilst she was dancing I was struggling to get the ring box out of my pocket. I eventually got it," he continued.

And Aina's reaction was completely expected. 

We'd expect nothing less from the energetic and frequently dancing YouTuber than a celebration that involved some killer moves. The couple celebrated with an intimate twirl. 

"Dancing to @jackieaina favorite song after she said yes," Asamoah said, describing the experience. 

She revealed the news to friends the next night at her actual birthday dinner.

In a vlog posted by the couple, Aina shared the news with her four friends who joined her on the trip a night later. "One thing we got to celebrate on my birthday is not only my special launch, but the man of my dreams asked me to marry him," she exclaimed as they understandably began to freak out with joy. 

And about that ring. 

The massive marquise-shaped diamond with a studded band is legit blinding and brings new meaning to the term "rock." But hey, would we expect anything less for someone as glamorous as Aina? We know one thing's for sure: We couldn't be happier to see the longtime couple taking the next steps to make it official. 

Jackie, how can we sign up to be on the guest list for the star-studded nuptials?