Chichi Eburu/Jackie Aina
photo: Instagram/JuviasPlace

I have a morning ritual that's rarely ever broken. I turn my alarm off, grab my phone, and take to my Twitter timeline to catch what I missed during my slumber. I'd say that most days are pretty uneventful, but this morning was different. I clicked that magical blue and white icon to see that Juvia's Place was trending once again. But not because Alissa Ashley and Jackie Aina finally posted a video about the drama, but because the CEO of the brand, Chichi Eburu, was tweeting away in an angry and profane rant geared towards Aina specifically.

But Aina fans weren't having, it all, and eventually ran the JP founder off of Twitter all together. 

Looks like after the Juvia's Place drama that ensued earlier this week, its founder and CEO, Chichi Eburu still has some things to get off her chest. 

In the wee hours of the morning, she began an emotionally charged Twitter rant not against Alissa Ashley but against Jackie Aina — and it got personal. 

"I personally stand firm on my take. Jackie Aina is not pro-black. She slept with a married man for years. She defrauded her loyalty base with a go fund me account, accused another black woman of stealing from her with no proof. Yet, the world says to stay silent," she began. 

She insisted that Aina has used her platform not for good, but to "bully" black people. 

"Jackie you are not the voice for the people. Cut it out!!! If you want to stand for the people then stand for the people. We are all human beings. Stop with the bullying within the black community. Have we not failed enough? Have we not been mocked enough?" Eburu asked. 

Eburu then went on to bring up the Rich Lives Matter situation that happened with Too Faced.

Back in December, Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced owner and one of Aina's frequent collaborators, came under fire for having an insensitive birthday cake that read "Rich Lives Matter." Aina has yet to speak out on the situation, and Eburu used that as fuel for the continuation of her rant. 

"Jackie Aina watched the abuse of her community with the Rich Lives Matter tragic hiccup. And said nothing. I could go on and on but yet I must stay silent and watch the abuse. Jackie are you pro black or no. Are you for the people or no?" she inquired yet again. 

Then she veered completely off-topic.

She implied that Aina should have been shifting her focus to starving children in Africa and beyond rather than Juvia's Place. Because we guess a person can't do both? 

"I can't understand why on earth we have real children dying, people dying from poverty in Africa your homeland and in America, you choose to bully businesses and people online. When you can use that same energy to make a huge difference with your platform, a shame," she scolded. 

She stated that Juvia's Place could do "better."  

And to be honest, the rest really made no sense.  

"Call a spade a spade. Yes JP should do better at addressing its issues but don't claim to be an activist and take on a role you can'y handle behind closed doors and in public. Aunty J is not an aunty in private. What happened to Rich Lives Matter Aunty?!" she asked again.

Twitter insisted she had to have been hacked. 

It's not everyday that a CEO of one of the fastest-growing makeup companies hops on social media to make such inflammatory claims, but Eburu was quick to ensure she was the one tweeting. She even wrote expletives about her own company.

"I will continue to scream it out Loud!!! I did not get hacked. [Redacted] JP. [Redacted] Jackie and all the coward don't speak out against this and social media abuse. Using race as a weapon to bully people, even your kind is not acceptable," she angrily tweeted.  

She referred to JP posting Jeffree Star as "old and stale news."

The number one criticism Eburu faced is her emphasis on looking out for the black community yet supporting a known racist. But she'd like to not address that, clearly. 

"Oh please!! Old and stale news.The brand has worked non stop with Black makeup artists. Given Jobs to Black people.Those 2 ranting are entitled bullies. We reached out to them as a courtesy and they said no. How’s that our problem? Entitled," she said of Alissa Ashley and Aina. 

But why was this rant so focused on Aina and not Ashley, who brought the Juvia's Place drama to light?

Based on her tweets, we're not really sure. Does Eburu know something we don't?

"Alissa is honestly not okay. Not mad at her. She has bigger battles to fight. I expected more from Jackie. I believed her lies for years. Such a Fraud and a Social Media Bully," she said explaining her decision. 

But of course, Auntie Jackie is completely unbothered. 

She responded not with a matching rant but with a hilarious video where a comedian lets out a chuckle and exclaims, "Anwyho." Talk about not letting anyone knock you off your throne. 

Since the Twitter incident, Eburu's Twitter has been deleted, most likely at the demands of the brand, and Aina fans have continued to rip her into shreds. Professionalism was clearly not on Eburu's list of priorities today.