jackie aina alissa ashley
photo: YouTube

Yesterday, YouTube superstars Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley joined forces for their "Black Girls React to Tarte Shape Tape Foundation" YouTube video. In it, the two beauty experts appropriately roasted Tarte for their lack of diversity, and how insulting they — and may others — find such discrimination.

While many other influencers and members of the online beauty community were equally disappointed and applauded their review, trolls still tried to ruin the moment with disparaging racist comments.

The hate proves why Black voices like Aina's and Ashley's are so important — because people like these ignorant trolls STILL EXIST.

Aina took to Twitter on Thursday to post screenshots of the disgusting comments left under her video.

"Lol," she sarcastically wrote as her status.

Aina has millions of followers, and constantly stands up for the lack of representation of women of color in the beauty industry. That undoubtedly makes racists furious, and makes her a target for them to unleash their hate.

It is mind blowing that in 2018 racists continue to show their ASS, but they messed with the wrong one. Aina exposed the remarks they made publicly on YouTube, and her followers took it from there.

The trolls were called out for the cowards that they are.

Fans are ready to track the commenters down...

... and throw hands.

While violence is never the answer, fans are doing the next best thing — report the commenters on YouTube.

These trolls underestimated how much the beauty community loves these queens.

At the end of the day, haters can hate — but Aina and Ashley still win.

Sending even more props to Aina and Ashley for standing up for what's right in the face of complete and utter ignorance.

jackie aina alissa ashley
photo: YouTube

Watch the review that got racists in their feeling below.