Jackie Aina Violet Chachki
photo: YouTube/Jackie Aina

We live for a dramatic drag transformation, especially when it involves legends doing it. So when we heard that Violet Chachki and Jackie Aina would be teaming up, we were all ears. For almost 15 minutes we tuned into the absolutely glamorous duo turn Aina into a drag queen that we couldn't have seen coming if we wanted to. 

The end result was an outrageous drag tutorial complete with no eyebrows, insane wigs, and talks about even more collaborations. We got all our life watching this, and we're sure you will, too. 

Jackie Aina loves a glam yet practical makeup look. 

And she does it masterfully. The YouTuber is the queen of beats that aren't too over the top, but just extra enough. It always includes a light contour, a blended eye, and a voluminous lash. And on her off days, you'll often spot her with no makeup at all. In other words, she keeps it simple while also keeping it just a bit glam. 

Drag extraordinaire Violet Chachki, however, likes the opposite.

The seventh season winner of RuPaul's Drag Race keeps a dramatic beat almost 24/7. With glued down and reconstructed eyebrows, a contour as sharp as a knife, and blush all the way to the top of her forehead, she doesn't really keep the term "simple beat" in her vocabulary. We've been living for her fabulosity from the moment we laid eyes on her. 

So what happens when the two collide?

A drag transformation, of course, complete with Aina being completely morphed into a new woman. In an over-the-top tutorial, Chachki takes Aina's looks to brand-new heights, and the commentary is absolutely hilarious. Chachki walks us step-by-step through the traditional drag makeup process, and it's equal parts enlightening and enjoyable. 

First came a mean contour. 

"I love how she just changed her position for this contour, that's when you know it's serious," Aina said. Chachki responded with a little bit of drag history. "Drag makeup influenced beauty makeup, and then beauty makeup influenced drag makeup, so it's like full-circle. Because the drag queens were highlighting before the beauty industry was," she said. 

Of course Aina had to say bye-bye to her natural brows. 

While many think that drag makeup requires applying glue in the direction of the eyebrows, Chachki let everyone know that that's not the case. After applying against the grain and smoothing them down, Aina's eyebrows were concealed seamlessly, and she was visibly shook. However, we must say Aina actually looked pretty good.

Many steps later, the wig finished it all off. 

You're not truly a drag queen unless you have a killer wig, and Chachki came through with the perfect white 'do. Aina was amazed by the structure and the intricacies of the look, and she became even more amazed when she found out she could keep it. She joked that she would keep the wig on one of her mannequins and wear it every Friday.

Aina ended up completely unrecognizable. 

But completely fabulous. "I feel like your niece now; I feel like you hatched me," Aina said to Chachki. They teased at another video in which Aina will have to put Chachki in drag, and we're completely here for it. We need the collab to hurry up and come, because we're getting impatient.