ICYMI: Jaclyn Hill threw a Halloween party this weekend, and this was her costume.

And the internet wasn't too happy — specifically about this picture of Hill posing in a pool.

Why? Because she got a $6,000 pair of designer shoes wet.

Now a war is waging across Hill's Instagram over whether or not it's OK to willingly ruin something that expensive.

Meanwhile, Hill is also defending herself for posting pictures of a partygoer dressed as Pocahontas.

For whom she apologized profusely but "couldn't do anything" about.

But, hold on, can we talk about that wig instead?

A small but angry portion of the internet has brought up the wig.

And they're right to be mad — a white person donning a wig as a costume is wrong on multiple levels.

Because people of color with curly hair are constantly discriminated against due to the hair texture they were born with.

Whereas in this case, Hill, a white woman, actively made the choice to use that texture as a scary prop, insulting an entire community in the process.

It was also completely and utterly unnecessary. If you're wondering what cultural appropriation looks like, that's it right there.

Hill has yet to address or apologize for the wig. Revelist will keep this post updated if and when she does.

A rule of thumb? If you have to ask if something you're wearing is offensive, it probably is.