Jaclyn Hill Body Shaming
photo: Getty Images

It seems like Jaclyn Hill has been going back and forth with critics on social media all 2019 long. And while whether she's right or wrong has been debatable quite a few times, this time the attacks are proving to be completely inappropriate. The YouTuber, who's been transparent about gaining weight recently was subjected once again to hateful commenters who had something to say about her fuller appearance. 

Needless to say, Hill isn't having it, and clapped back in an iconic way. 

Jaclyn Hill has been open about her recent weight gain. 

Back in August, Hill revealed to fans that she gained 20 pounds in light of Lipstickgate. "I have never been this insecure about my physical appearance in my life. Sweatpants are literally the only thing that fits me right now & I've had to go up 2 sizes in my jeans," she wrote on her Instagram. The revelation garnered her tons of support, with fans appreciating her transparency and even sharing their own stories of body insecurities.

But not everyone has been so accepting. 

One fan took a screen grab of Hill's Instagram story, where she showed noticeably fuller cheeks, asking her what was wrong with her face. Hill responded strongly. "I GAINED WEIGHT!!!! Can you guys please stop body shaming! I don’t even want to log onto social media recently because all I see is comments about looking “fat” & accusing me of getting fillers. Dear God! Thank the lord I have a good support system & self confidence," she said. 

YouTuber Raw Beauty Kristi came to her defense.

"I’ve got a good bit of extra weight on me so I get lots of constant comments about it, blocking words that are related is very helpful to filter out the assholes & my husband deletes the extra mean ones before I can read them. Maybe that can help? Sorry people are so mean," she said, sharing her experience. 

But since when is having fuller cheeks a problem? 

"I don’t understand why getting fat or having big cheeks is recently a sin? Wtf. People say the weirdest stuff online but wouldn’t do it in person," a fan noted.

And it seems like being hounded on social media is taking even more of a toll on her..

"I woke up with crippling anxiety for absolutely no reason. So I wanted to jump on here & say that you’re never alone in your feelings. Take deep breaths, ground yourself, focus only on the present & force yourself to smile even if you don’t want to. Everything will be okay," she wrote on Twitter this morning. 

We're sending positive vibes Hill's way!