It's a beauty drama story that will go down in history: Jaclyn Hill and her sweaty, hairy lipsticks. There has likely never been a YouTuber makeup brand launch more problematic than hers, and to this day, Hill is still catching heat on social media. But we all know we shouldn't dwell on the past, and Hill is moving forward by announcing the relaunch of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

The upcoming release is ever-so appropriate, and needless to say, we're holding our breath.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is making a comeback, everyone. 

After a disastrous first release of those now infamous hairy lipsticks, Hill is giving her brand a second try with an upcoming release that was teased on the brand's Instagram. "The future is bright. 11/26/19," the caption read. "Cautiously optimistic," one follower commented. 

Everyone is pretty certain that the next release will appropriately be a highlighter.

Because, of course, Hill could surely use some added shine in her life. Smack dab in the middle of four radiant models, Hill showed off some serious glow on her cheeks, bridge of her nose, brow bones, and forehead. And judging by the caption before, with an emphasis on the word "bright," highlighter will surely be the next thing we see on the 26th. 

Some are super excited about the return.

"Don't hate but I am kinda excited to see what is next for @Jaclynhill cosmetics line. I truly want to see her succeed in this next launch ... I will instead tweet support," one supportive fan wrote, eager to see the results of the next launch.

Of course, others are skeptical about how this could happen so soon after the first debacle. 

"You know full well Jaclyn couldn't find a new lab and produce products in less than 5 months, as she claims to have done," someone wrote, noting that five months couldn't be enough time to find another lab and create new and truly thought-out products. 

So will the future really be bright?

photo: Giphy

Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure: We're hoping that these highlighters will be drama-free and deliver nothing but extreme glow and happiness. *fingers crossed*