We're not sure if there will ever come a day that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics isn't synonymous with hairy lipsticks, but Jaclyn Hill surely isn't giving up on trying to make that happen. She revealed in a YouTube video that JHC is making a comeback with a glow-packed second release, and we must admit, it looks promising.

So will Hill be making the holidays brighter? Or are we on the verge of highlighter-gate? We'll find out soon! 

Looks like that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics secret didn't stay a secret for long. 

Because just like clockwork, she revealed on YouTube that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics would be launching holiday collections in time for the gift-giving season. The YouTuber glowed as she took to her channel with a massive PR mailer of the product.

As expected, it's tons of highlighters, but only for a limited time.

"It's your time to shine," said the brand's Instagram caption about the release. 

And while reactions are mixed, we can all agree that there's no better time than now to shine.

While there's no shortage of skepticism, there's no denying the power of a great highlighter and an even better brush. Our hope is that those who buy it will give us real, unbiased opinions. 

And it looks like Hill is in good spirits.

She tweeted a spirited message this morning in response to the reactions. "What a beautiful night! I’m feeling so blessed, you guys! Also, side note ... I’m in bed with the worst cramps ever because my body decided to start my period 20 minutes before my dinner party!" she joked.

We could use some added glow in our lives. 

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And come November 26 we can add some from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics to our collections. Will you be giving the brand a second chance?