Lipstick-Gate is proving to be a thing of the past for Jaclyn Hill, especially after the success of her holiday highlighters. The radiant collection is seeing no drama. In fact, it's received loads of praise, and the sold-out launch is proving that redemption is real. 

The relaunch of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was so good that it flew off digital shelves immediately. However, she's announced a restock, and here's when it's going to happen. 

Jaclyn Hill was understandably nervous about the relaunch of her brand.

Who wouldn't be? After those controversial lipsticks that the beauty world couldn't stop talking about, anyone would be cautious with their next launch. She expressed her anxiety to fans and promised a better launch this time around. When she revealed the beautiful highlighters and holiday collection, however, people were still a little hesitant. 

But it seems those worries are unwarranted. 

Not only are influencers such as Makeup Shayla, Patrick Starrr, and Jamie Genevieve singing the highlighter's praises, those who were lucky enough to get their hands on the rapidly sold-out set shared the same sentiments. No hair, no foreign particles, just pans of brilliant highlighter.

Fans who weren't able to score the relaunch are understandably stressed. 

"If I don't get these @Jaclynhill highlights on restock day after having a drawer filled with all of her collabs from previous, I. WILL. CRY. Christmas present from me to me," someone said in hopes of a relaunch for an early Christmas present. 

The highlighters have been called game-changers.

"I can’t contain my excitement for @Jaclynhill with her new highlighters. GIRL YOU CHANGED THE GAME. I can’t wait for a restock so I can try them myself. I’m so beyond excited for you. You deserve everything wonderful in this life!" another supportive fan tweeted. 

And while fans were optimistic, nobody knew if a restocking would actually happen.

But have no fear. 

The brand has announced that it will be restocking the limited-edition illuminators on December 5.

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