Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics launch
photo: Instagram/JaclynHill

It's been quite a year for Jaclyn Hill. The YouTuber, who's essentially spent the last three months in hiding following the controversial release of her self-titled brand and lipsticks, has been slowly but surely making her return to social media. And now, for the first time in months, the brand's Instagram page is too. In the first statement since Lipstick-Gate, JHC is gearing up for its next launch, and is apologizing to customers once again. 

Hear what fans have to say about it ahead. 

It's been quite awhile since we've heard from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. 

The brand, whose first launch was arguably one of the most epic beauty YouTuber launch fails of all time, has remained mum except for the occasional update on customer refunds. Now, more than two months later, Jaclyn Hill's brand is breaking its silence and hinting at releases soon on the horizon. 

The brand posted on its Instagram for the first time in months. 

"At Jaclyn Cosmetics, we're dedicated to giving you the best products & customer experience. It is clear that our first launch did not meet the standards we've set as a brand, and for that we are truly sorry. We will do better because you deserve better — from us and from our products. As we take a moment to rebuild, we just want you to know how grateful we are for the love and support we've received. Your satisfaction is our top priority. The future is bright, and we're excited for what's to come," JHC said in a post. 

And while Hill has spoken out, this is the first time we're hearing from the brand. 

Hill has been vocal about the toll that the situation has taken on her health both mentally, physically, and emotionally, while promising to do better by her fans and to make amends. Of course, due to the nature of the many things that were revealed during Lipstick-Gate, the apology fell on deaf ears for many. 

And it seems like the same thing is happening with this brand statement. 

"It's so annoying to me when an influencer talks about how much they LOOOOVVVVVEEEE us. Like I'm not watching your videos because you love me, and you're not coming out with new products because of your pure unbridled love for strangers on the internet," someone said in a Reddit thread criticizing the statement. 

It poses the question, will people only pay attention to the next launch in hopes that it fails?

"I'm interested to see if people will be buying the new products because they genuinely want them, or if they'll be buying them to pick them apart. IMO Jaclyn lost her credibility a long time ago, but I'm interested to see if she will still have the same reach/pull as before the first launch," a Redditor questioned. 

Regardless, one thing is sure: Hill will continue to make money. 

"A sale is a sale and still money in Jaclyn Cosmetics's pockets. I wonder if the number of sales will increase or decrease. A lot of her fans who were still holding out for her fell out of love after her lipstick fiasco. I'm going to bet at least some of her customer base was lost," someone remarked. 

We have to say, we're hoping things look up.

There's no place to go from here for JHC but up, and we're hopeful that round two will be marked with success and no hairy lipsticks. 

Fingers crossed!