Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Nude Lipsticks
photo: Instagram/JaclynHill

Another day, another makeup-swatching controversy. From editing skin tones to adjusting the colors of the product, swatches are becoming less and less believable by the day. Just ask Jaclyn Hill, whose new brand Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has been questioned for the validity of the many nude lipsticks that it just launched. 

Some of the concerns are pretty valid, while others who have come to her defense are bringing up great points as well. And while we may never know the truth, it looks like we're just going to have to swatch them for ourselves to be entirely sure.

When Jaclyn Hill launched her lipsticks, nude-lipstick lovers everywhere rejoiced. 

The So Rich lipsticks, available in 20 nude shades, come in a rich and creamy formula with a satin finish. It's not too matte and not too shiny — an allegedly perfect finish. It promises to be cushiony on the lips and comes packed in a luxurious, shimmery shell with the signature Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics logo adorned on the front. 

And like any brand that's all about lippies, swatches were a must. 

The colors: Nude AF, Amazeballs, Obsessed, That Girl, Hustle, Cheeky, Perfectionist, Tipsy, Gossip, Decaf, Fussy, Badass, Hot Toddy, Ambitious, Control Freak, Independent, Isla, Sofia, As If, and MOM are all displayed in what appears to be a dang-near-perfect swatching of four different skin tones with four different undertones. 

However, on Hill's arms, the colors appeared a little different.

The various shades were visibly more orange than they appeared in the promotional swatching images. And while of course there are several factors at work such as lighting, Hill's skin tone, etc., for some the differences were a bit too drastic to be believable.

And the reactions thus far aren't great.

In a large thread on Reddit, many makeup aficionados are even arguing that like other brands, JHC has used one model with digitally altered skin tones. Ahead, check out the many critics and the few who came to Hill's defense. 

Before buying, makeup lovers want to see more realistic swatches of the lipsticks.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"Just watched some swatching on Jaclyn’s own Instagram Live of some of the lightest shades, and they appear extremely orange compared with these promo pics. I’m going to need to see a ton of swatches before deciding to purchase," a critic said. 

Most believe that there weren't four arms used in the swatch shot at all.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"There is perfect then there is pixel perfect matching.

They are definitely edited, either the swatches are or they chopped off hands.

There is either no difference or very tiny differences in the arm but that can be explained away by resting it on a table. The hands are identical right down to the pores," another said. 

One Hill fan made a point that the hands themselves could have simply been edited for continuity. 

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"I see what you mean about the hands portion but the swatches themselves don’t look exactly the same to me," one observant commenter explained. "There’s a subtle shape difference on each, some slight variance in spacing between each and where the light is shining on them is in a different spot on each photo. It would be a lot more work to go through and make subtle changes on each then slapping lipstick on an arm and taking a photo. Maybe they photoshopped the hands on each to look consistent."

Someone noted that the arms could be perfectly laid atop one another. 

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"Ahead of the launch of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics' new lipsticks the brand has posted swatches of the entire shade range on different skintones. It appears that between the two sets of shades the swatches have been heavily edited, as far as pasting onto the same arm photos. If you overlay the images they line up perfectly. They're certainly not the first brand to have been called out for doing this. Thoughts?" she asked. 

But the finger comparisons continued. 

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"Everyone here thinks you’re comparing the two complexions. What you’re saying is if they washed off the first set of swatches and applied the second set of shades, wouldn’t their fingers change positions? The fingers in all photos are exactly the same position which is impossible in two different photos," someone said, alluding to the hands being the same. 

The most probable reasoning, however, came with a super believable explanation. 

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Swatches
photo: Reddit

"I’m picking up what you’re putting down. It appears the photos of the arms were taken without any swatches and all the swatches were added in post. Unsure why others would disagree unless they’re just unclear of what you’re saying.

It’s a common thing in advertising but is strange in the context of makeup where seeing the actual swatch on actual skin is pretty important...," someone said, noting that the shades were never actually placed on the skin to begin with.