photo: Jaclyn Hill

It's a crushing blow whenever our favorite YouTube couples decide to part ways. However, the turn of events are usually the same. The YouTubers release a video saying that they still have a lot of love for each other, promise to remain friends, and then boom, everything implodes. Secrets are revealed, infidelity accusations run rampant, and ultimately we're left again with the realization that we really can't judge a book by its cover. 

Well, we can add Jaclyn and Jon Hill to that list, because their divorce just got MESSY.

This saga all began in May. 

photo: Jaclyn Hill

When Jaclyn and her then husband Jon announced they would be getting a divorce, we were almost more heartbroken than them. However, they vowed to keep it amicable and insisted there was absolutely no bad blood. 

For a while, it seemed like they were keeping their promises. 

photo: Jon Hill

Everything seemed fine. Jaclyn revealed her new beau, and Jon appeared to have begun a new relationship as well. 

This week, all of that changed. 

photo: Instagram/Jaclyn Hill

Upon going public with her boyfriend, recording artist Farnum, rumors swirled that Jaclyn had in fact cheated on Jon. Why you ask? Because Farnum was allegedly a good friend of Jon's. 

Jaclyn had a lot to say about those rumors. 

But Jaclyn took to Twitter to say that not only are Farnum and Jon not friends, they simply worked at the same studio. 

In fact, Jaclyn implied that it was just the opposite.

"You've got the wrong one," said Jaclyn, leaving many to believe that she was suggesting Jon had cheated during the relationship. 

Battle of the exes much? Oh, it got even juicier.

Jon's new girlfriend, Ashlyn Van Horn, decided she wasn't keeping quiet and was ready to defend her man. After Jaclyn didn't receive Van Horn's announcement of an upcoming YouTube channel too well, a heated argument ensued.

And Van Horn held nothing back.

She alleged that not only were Jon and Farnum friends, but that they were actually BEST friends. She also said Jaclyn was sleeping with the artist during her marriage to Jon. 

And ended it with a strong message for Jaclyn.

Van Horn bid Jaclyn a "stfu" and told her to stop playing victim. This shit got spicy. 

Then finally, Jon took to Instagram to defend himself. 

photo: Instagram/Jon Hill

"I'm not a cheater and I never have been," said Jon. Since then, his page has gone private. 

It was a lie, according to Jaclyn. 

photo: Twitter/Jaclyn Hill

Twitter literally became a war, and as much as we wanted to turn away, we couldn't. What a train wreck.

Hope is lost now. 

photo: Jaclyn Hill

Any hope we had for a reconciliation may be dead and gone. This has gotten ugly.

And though our hearts are broken, we're living for tea.

photo: Jaclyn Hill

Like come on, it's not every day that a super-influencer and her ex-husband along with his girlfriend get to arguing on social media. 

Whose side are you on? 

photo: Jaclyn Hill

We're super undecided, but we're sure the truth will prevail. The real cheater will be revealed. 

For now, Jaclyn says she's over it. 

As optimistic as that sounds, we have a feeling there's a lot more drama brewing on the horizon. Stay tuned.