Last fall, the beauty vlogger world erupted after Jaclyn Hill posted a video in which fellow vlogger Kathleen Fuentes used the N-word, which subsequently resulted in a fiery backlash from the internet — including Jeffree Star.

Star questioned Hill's claim that posting the video was an innocent accident despite being asked by Fuentes to delete it at the time. Hill backfired when his followers began to berate her. About a month later, Star went on a public tirade about getting rid of fake YouTube friends.

At that point, fans noticed the two were no longer following each other on any social media platforms. Since then Hill and Star haven't been seen so much as indirectly interacting with each other... until now?

Hill praised Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Velour Liquid Lipstick in Mannequin in her first video in months, and now fans are very confused.

“Mannequin always always comes through. It always rides dirty for me; I love it. Like I said, this is my second bottle, which is a lot, because I really don’t repurchase much. I’m always wanting to try something new, but this… [applauses].”

Ironically enough, Jeffree Star also just posted a video in which he and James Charles address their own former feud, which began at a Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics party.

Star did not hesitate to name drop Hill in the video, which might seem a little strange for someone who was at one point very determined not to bring her up, but hey, what's fact is fact...

Star also posted a Snapchat story teasing an upcoming video in which he'll follow another YouTuber's makeup tutorial. The wig he revealed there immediately reminded fans of Hill.

And while this has many people thinking they've resolved their feud, they still don't follow each other on Twitter or Instagram.

And in the influencer community, that's a telltale sign of friendship missing from this equation.

Can we say for sure that this beauty battle has been squelched for good? Definitely not.

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But friendships are a lot more complicated than that. Who knows, maybe a reunion is just around the corner.

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