Over the weekend, Jaclyn Hill drunkenly snapped a video featuring Kathleen Fuentes (AKA Kathleen Lights), also drunk, using the N-word. When Twitter erupted with criticism of both Fuentes and Hill, both parties immediately apologized for the incident.

Fuentes privatized her Twitter account shortly thereafter. Hill's remained public, but the YouTuber was not seen or heard from for days — until now.

Hill has given a statement about the Snapchat incident to fellow YouTuber John Kuckian.

In a private message on Twitter, Hill told Kuckian that she has been "not taking care" of herself for two and half days.

"I have spent the past 2.5 days sobbing, not leaving the house, not eating, not showering," she wrote. "Just not taking care of myself. I have never felt more guilty or beaten down in my life! And your video just woke me p! I truly feel like God pushed you to make that video for my ears to hear."

The video she's referring to is this one, which Kuckian uploaded shortly after the incident. 

She continued to say that she's recently been "so done with YouTube," and had all but given up on social media.

"Recently I have been so done with YouTube, I've stopped caring like I use [sic] to. I've been do grossed out by all the drama & ugliness that I have given up on my socials. Your video just made me realize that it's my job to keep being the best I can be instead of giving in and letting go! Thank you."

Fuentes has yet to issue a statement, Tweet, or upload any videos since her initial apology.

The status of Fuentes' YouTube channel and her friendship will Hill is unknown, but we'll keep you updated as details roll in.

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