If you — like us — are messy Bs who live for the beauty guru drama, prepare for the ride of your life.

A video has surfaced that makes allegations about a shelved collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and indie beauty brand Makeup Geek. While the claims in the video have not been confirmed by either party (and are thus mere speculation), vlogger Beauty Sleuth Official does present some compelling evidence — and makes some startling claims.

YouTuber Beauty Sleuth Official has made some wild claims about Jaclyn Hill. The vlogger alleges that Jaclyn cost indie brand Makeup Geek $1 million by "weaseling out of a collaboration."

Beauty Sleuth created a video that they suggest contains "evidence" against Jaclyn. The YouTuber also claims that they received emails from a Makeup Geek employee that are — allegedly — between the company and Jaclyn's mother. However, they say they cannot show the viewer these emails for legal reasons. 

So, allegedly this all began when Makeup Geek and Jaclyn Hill announced a collaboration. 

Jaclyn even hinted at possible shades from the two brands’ upcoming project together.

However, as time elapsed, fans grew impatient. Where was the collaboration? Jaclyn told an Instagram user in a comment that things fell apart and it wasn't happening. 

After Beauty Sleuth allegedly received those elusive emails, they contacted Marlena Stell, founder of Makeup Geek, about the intel. 

In alleged text messages between the vlogger and the founder, Stell chose not to confirm or deny anything. 

Stell recently tweeted that she wishes she could share which influencers are naughty and which are nice. 

Stell claims to have been backstabbed — but chose not to name names. 

However, Stell commented on Twitter that she lost $1 million due to a mega-influencer stabbing her in the back. Beauty Sleuth speculates that Stell is referring to Jaclyn, but we have no way of knowing the truth. 

Marlena said she was done, but she later shared a video in which she talked about the state of the beauty industry. 

In the video, Stell does not name names. She merely paints a very telling portrait of the beauty industry today. She describes influencers as entitled social-climbers more interested in fame than respecting the artistry. 

So why is the Beauty Sleuth so adamantly claiming that Jaclyn is the culprit here? 

Beauty Sleuth never posted the alleged emails they received, however the vlogger described what was in them. They claim the emails show that Jaclyn Hill refused to sign a contract with Makeup Geek and purposely stalled the project so that it could court better offers from other brands. Beauty Sleuth believes that as soon as Jaclyn got a better deal, she ditched Makeup Geek — even after $1 million was invested into the collaboration. 

So what is the truth? Honey, we're just as clueless as you ... 

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In the meantime, check out Beauty Sleuth's video below. 

Again: ALL of these claims are allegations only. There's no way of knowing what's true unless someone goes public.

Revelist has reached out to Jaclyn Hill and Makeup Geek for comment. We will update this post when we hear back.